WC Interview With Our Favorite Pauline Long TV Presenter Multi Award Winning Entrepreneur’ Philanthropist And Founder Of The Prestigious BEFFTA Award

Women Confidentials:Tell us a little about your self

I’m Pauline Long a proud mother of two wonderful children, a multi-award winning entrepreneur, fashion designer, TV presenter and philanthropist. I’m the founder of the prestigious BEFFTA awards and presenter of BEFFTA TV show. Amongst my current roles that I cherish so much are being the goodwill [...]

WC Interview With The Queen Of Gospel Music Iyobo Omo-Odiase Winner Best INTERNATIONAL FEMALE GOSPEL ARTIST

My name is Iyobo Omo-Odiase, I was born in Benin City Nigeria and spent my early childhood there, I later moved to The Netherlands (Holland) where I met my husband. We been married for  7 years now, we have  two lovely kids, a six and nine year old boys. My hobbies are singing, Baking [...]

This week power icon Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama
My focus this week is on powerful women and icon, how do we get there and do we achieve this, how do we focus and organise our selves to get the level where we are called icons and mentors, we continue from next week to talk about  Michelle Obama achievement

First Lady of the United [...]

Meet A Powerful Icon Dorothy Mdoe The Success Story Of An Achiever

Keeping busy and looking well, please  do tell our readers  a little about yourself.
I am of mixed origins my family is from Tanzania in Africa, Belgium and America and I am very proud of all my heritages. I come from a long line of diplomats and successful broadcasters. I was born in Kenya where [...]

WC:Why Career Women Should Be Empowered

What is a career women, days back only few women can be referred to as career women, but now the market of career can be said to be a little over populated but in the good way if you get my point, there is nothing like having a good career, getting to your dream position, [...]

Pauline Long: In The Tube With PL

So was on the tube: and some youth were saying so many negative things about Beyonce, the money, her lifestyle etc…only based on what they heard/read from some journalist. So I asked one of the girls politely and knowing THIS IS LONDON WHERE YOU ARE EXPECTED TO MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS OR ELSE! do you [...]

Pauline Long’s corner:Hate is a bad thing

Hate is a bad thing, trust me I tried it once because I thought it was cool to hate back whoever directed hate towards me and I thought no one was watching until I actually found out that GOD was watching and he taught me a lesson. If you are going round hating be careful [...]

Africa’s First Female Nobel Laureate Bows To Cancer

Kenyan Environmentalist and Nobel Laureate, Professor Wangari Maathai is dead. She passed on in the early hours of Monday in a hospital where she was undergoing treatment for cancer. The news was broken by the Green Belt Movement, an organisation founded by Maathai. She was aged 71.
Though she was a Veterinary Anatomy Professor, she devoted [...]

Women In Power:Michelle Obama meets with Nelson Mandela in South Africa

What a great day it must have been, statement from the White House officials reported that, “USA first Lady Michelle Obama met with former South African President Nelson Mandela at his home, in Houghton, South Africa, on the second day of a week-long trip to Southern Africa”
Mrs. Obama, was accompanied by her daughters Malia and [...]