WC Interview With Our Favorite Pauline Long TV Presenter Multi Award Winning Entrepreneur’ Philanthropist And Founder Of The Prestigious BEFFTA Award

Women Confidentials:Tell us a little about your self

I’m Pauline Long a proud mother of two wonderful children, a multi-award winning entrepreneur, fashion designer, TV presenter and philanthropist. I’m the founder of the prestigious BEFFTA awards and presenter of BEFFTA TV show. Amongst my current roles that I cherish so much are being the goodwill [...]

Pauline Long: In The Tube With PL

So was on the tube: and some youth were saying so many negative things about Beyonce, the money, her lifestyle etc…only based on what they heard/read from some journalist. So I asked one of the girls politely and knowing THIS IS LONDON WHERE YOU ARE EXPECTED TO MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS OR ELSE! do you [...]

Olajumoke Adenowo The Brain Behind Awesome Treasures Foundation the faith based And NGO Was founded in 1999 is one of AD Consulting’s CSR projects of choice.

WC Business women of the year/icon. Read the profile of a great women.
Olajumoke Adenowo was admitted at 14 to study Architecture at the University of Ife, where she graduated with a BSc. Hon’s. and the Faculty Prize, and proceeded to postgraduate studies where she was awarded the first distinction in the University’s Master of Science [...]

Nehemiah Project: Rebuilding Lives – Entrepreneurs In Fashion, Arts and Entertainment Share their Success Stories

The Nehemiah Project is a group of entrepreneurial Nigerians who have come together to rebuild minds and empower the youths in Nigeria so as to help them attain their full potential.

Taking its name and meaning from the biblical Nehemiah known in the bible as the nation rebuilder, the project is [...]

Women Confidentials Conferences Coming Up

Women Confidentials is all about working with women, mums and all parents, we aim to inspire all women over the world we are going to be holding our first conference soon, date for the conference is coming .  Women Confidentials conferences provide an outstanding opportunity  for everyone,, to hear from inspirational women in business how they made it with little [...]

Small business:is Media coverage good for every business or company:entrepreneur answers

“s Media coverage good for every business”?
Not every business needs media coverage, some do so  the question  is how so how do you get the so much needed media coverage for your business.
Just like you are looking for media coverage, the same way the media are looking to give unique and excellent coverage, what you [...]