Stephanie Okereke gave this simple floral design an elegant look from John Lewis

She looks great, 
You can look great too, this dress comes in sizes 8 to 22  sold for £79.00 buy now

Chic Summer Dresses And Matching Shoes

I think and believe the word to come to mind when shopping should be chic, trendy, stylish and affordable and all three dress are just that. I like the delicate studded neckline, it can go for all occasion, can be worn to parties, special occasion or just as a casual summer dress, it all depends [...]

Going for silk dresses This festive Season

When you are use to a particular style, it can be hard to change, and one changes we never go for is silk or satin, which is very understandable, because we love to remain safe, with our usual style, but you can extend your dress trend a bit by trying silk or satin, but only [...]

Christmas Special Party Dress

Stripe Jumper Dress, McQ, size: M  Fitted ribbed wool dress with long sleeves and red stripe, this pretty dress will look good on slim looking figure, as well as very shapely body shape, very gorgeous dress and  the print looks very festive, for those who are fuller you need to avoid the stripes

Charcoal Organic Double Layer [...]

Fabulous Christmas Dresses

These dresses are absolutely stunning all made with different luxury fabric, second dress is leather tunic in silver/bronze silk. The unique leather applique technique used makes it more elegant, all three dresses are perfect for any occasion, these dresses can be dressed up in in heels from peep toe heels to sandals, but remember they [...]