College Student’ Starting A Relationship Is It Best When You Are Older

Being in College is never easy, with all the course work, here and there, with so many deadlines to meet, social activities, friends to keep up with, shopping and even the most precious of them all which is  relaxation and sleeping.
With all this activities all lined up what time do you have to keep up with [...]

Can You Be Honest In The Start Of A New Relationship

The backbone of any relationship is honesty. The question I keep getting from friends is do you tell it all, in the early stage of  any relationship or do you wait til later to tell it all, or never at all, there is no straight answer to these question, every relationship must begin or take [...]

Katy Perry and Russell Brand Having marital problems three months after marriage

This hard t believe, Katy Perry and Russell Brand are having marital problem, three months into any marriage is still refer to the honeymoon period, so for any marriage going through that within only three after is sad.
After  Mr brand posted her makeup less face on this twitter page, it seen to be the star [...]

Is it really over for Jude Law and Sienna Miller:Jude Law and Sienna Miller split again

Jude Law and Sienna Miller have split  once again for the second time, and it may not be  the last. The happy couple who has been seen everywhere together bought an £8million love nest in London two months ago , and it was rumoured they where planning to get married.
‘I can confirm that Jude Law [...]

Are You Still Single

Every single women will  love to get married one way or another, either to our ever first lover or the very next, but as we all know things don’t always workout  like we want it to or love it to, most times it always for the best but we really don’t see beyond that, when things [...]

Are You In A Relationship’ Signs Of A Bad Relationship

How would rate your relationship, on a scale of 1 to 10.

 Pretty Good

Things To Know In A Relationship.
When you are in a relation, bad, fair or pretty good is no relationship, please do hear me out. You are still dating, and not yet married, you have be dating for a while, say few months [...]

How Do You Mend A Broken Heart

How do you begin to mend a broken heart. The very big question  everyone is asking, how? Well there are ways, but one way for sure is moving on, and changing things, it the only way forward. Too many people have ended their lives because of a broken, heart or remained depressed and wasting away.
A [...]

Relationship The Obvious Question

Relationship -  The obvious question, will it lead to marriage, or will it  be like the others. Most relationship ends in marriage, most don’t.
The relationship that leads to marriage, happened for a lot of  reasons,
. Both wanting to get married: When two people who are in involved in a relationship and they both want to get [...]

When you found Out Your Partner Was Cheating

When was the first time you noticed something was wrong. Did you ever thing he would cheat on you. There is a difference  because a regular cheat and 1 time 2 times 3 times cheat and a womaniser
Yes if you ask there is a difference between even a 5 time  cheat from a regular cheat. Now [...]