Pregnant Beyonce At The 2011 MTV Video Music Awards

Beyonce is wasting no time embracing her pregnancy. She capped off her VMAs performance of her Motown-inspired single “Love on Top” by unbuttoning her sequined jacket and showing off her bump to the screaming crowd–and the millions of viewers watching at home. Meanwhile, Jay-Z was in the audience watching his woman with a smile so [...]

Pregnant Victoria Beckham Is having a baby girl

After weeks of debating whether or not Victoria Beckham and David Beckham  are having a baby girl or boy, the big  news we have all been waiting for is out, it is a girl for the  Beckham family.
Pregnant Victoria Beckham  announced that she and  David Beckham were expecting their fourth child in the summer, which became [...]

Happy mum to be Amanda Holden:at the audition of Britain’s Got Talent in Cardiff

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A very happy mum, as well as a mum to be  a second time, Amanda Holden was able to keep her lovely pregnancy a secrete for over 6 months, she only confined  she was pregnant   few weeks ago, and for the first time she was proudly showing her bump
at the audition of [...]

What Is Your state of mind : What the ideal number of kids to have

Having kids takes a lot, so having kids, are you planing on having a large number of family or a just 1 kid, amongs other things your state of mind and that of your partner is very important factor in having kids.
Some times in life our state of mind can be all over the  the place, [...]

During pregnancy

Scans, screening tests and check-ups

During your pregnancy you will have scans and tests to see how your baby is developing

Complications in pregnancy
Information about medical conditions brought on by pregnancy and how they might affect your baby

Ante-natal classes
Information on how ante-natal classes can help to prepare you for the various stages of giving birth

Travelling while pregnant
A [...]

Common complaints during pregnancy

Most health-related issues associated with pregnancy can be easily dealt with by a midwife, doctor or pharmacist. Some mothers may develop more complicated problems, which could require going to hospital or an ante-natal clinic.

Morning sickness
Feeling nauseous or sick during the early stages of pregnancy is extremely common, affecting about 80 per cent of women. Morning [...]

Preparing for pregnancy and advice on conceiving

If you’re trying for a baby there are things you can do to help ensure you have a safe and comfortable pregnancy and that your child is healthy.

General health
Take regular, moderate exercise so your body is in good shape for pregnancy and you have plenty of energy and stamina for labour and caring for a [...]

Health during pregnancy

Knowing what to eat and drink, what supplements to take and what to avoid goes a long way to ensuring the health of both you and your baby.

Folic acid
Whether you are pregnant or planning to have a baby, it is recommended that you start taking 400 micrograms (mcg) of folic acid every day, as early [...]

Complications in pregnancy

Sometimes pregnancy can lead to medical conditions which may cause you or your baby harm. Signs and symptoms may vary, as may treatment. Here are some of the most common complications, and how they are treated.

This is high blood pressure brought on by pregnancy. It occurs in around 10 per cent of pregnancies in the [...]

Scans, screening tests and check-ups

Once you’ve discovered that you are pregnant, it’s important to get health advice to help make your pregnancy as safe and comfortable as possible. Routine tests, scans and check-ups are usually carried out or organised by your midwife or doctor and will continue throughout the pregnancy.

Regular check-ups
These check-ups will probably include:

taking your blood pressure
weighing you
checking [...]

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