Dwyane Wade Wins Full Custody of Sons

The Miami Heat may have put an end to their recent losing streak, but star Dwyane Wade was handed a much more significant victory this weekend in court: full custody of his kids. After a rather ugly legal battle with his ex-wife Siohvaughn following their divorce, Wade’s two young sons arrived in Miami Friday and [...]

A Working Mum

It’s great being a mum for a second time. I had my first child at 23. Now at 29 I just gave birth to my beautiful daughter three months ago.
My first experience of motherhood was very challenging. I don’t know what to expect and what to do when it happens. God is great he gave [...]

Making Love When Pregnant or Not

There is nothing wrong in making love when pregnant, if you are given the go ahead by  your doctor, unless you are very sickly, or have a condition than making love is absolutely fine.
According to an articles from Baby Center ”
Can I have sex while I’m pregnant?

Absolutely. With a normal pregnancy, you can keep doing it right [...]

Wrapped Around Your Finger: Top 15 Blogs For First-Time Dads

Being a dad is a big responsibility and if it’s your first rodeo, you might be overwhelmed with what to expect. Rest assured there are plenty of blogs and websites that give you a taste of what being a new dad is like. While there’s no official rule book on how to do it right, [...]

Single Mums a big well done to all the single mums out there

Taking care of kids is difficult even with two partners, but when you are single it becomes even more difficult and challenging , that is why it is important for every single mum to have a very good  routine, that way she can give herself a little bit of me time.
Every single mum is icon to [...]

Parent View – tell Ofsted how your child’s school is doing

There is a new easy way for you to tell Ofsted how you think your child’s school is performing. Ofsted has launched Parent View, a 12-question online survey that lets you give your views on your child’s school at any time.
Among other topics, the online questionnaire asks parents for their views on the following at [...]

Junior ISAs to launch on 1 November

Tax-free children’s savings accounts, known as ‘Junior ISAs’, will be available from 1 November 2011. The new accounts will offer parents a tax-free way to save for their children’s future.

What is a Junior ISA?
The Junior ISA is a tax-free savings account for children. However, unlike the Child Trust Fund account (which has been closed to [...]

Celebrity Blogs: Elisabeth Röhm’s Blog: Mom Meltdown

Elisabeth Röhm’s Blog talking to PEOPLE.com readers, in her blogging about mom Meltdown..

It’s only 7 p.m. and I’m picking out my pajamas in my head and aching to be vertical right about now! I just need a little peace and quiet. It’s human! It happens all the time to us moms.
I mean seriously, if one more person [...]

Pregnant Beyonce At The 2011 MTV Video Music Awards

Beyonce is wasting no time embracing her pregnancy. She capped off her VMAs performance of her Motown-inspired single “Love on Top” by unbuttoning her sequined jacket and showing off her bump to the screaming crowd–and the millions of viewers watching at home. Meanwhile, Jay-Z was in the audience watching his woman with a smile so [...]

Jessica Alba Gives Birth To Second Daughter Haven Garner

Great news Jessica Alba has given birth to her second baby, making it two girls in four years, well done everyone  from Women Confidentials is saying a big congratulation to her and her  hubby.
Jessica Alba made the  announced on her Facebook page , saying: “Cash and I are so excited to announce to birth of our [...]

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