Celebrity Blogs: Elisabeth Röhm’s Blog: Mom Meltdown

Elisabeth Röhm’s Blog talking to PEOPLE.com readers, in her blogging about mom Meltdown..

It’s only 7 p.m. and I’m picking out my pajamas in my head and aching to be vertical right about now! I just need a little peace and quiet. It’s human! It happens all the time to us moms.
I mean seriously, if one more person [...]

Post-natal depression

Post-natal depression (PND) is very common among new parents and may affect as many as one in six new mothers. Although it is rare, fathers can also get PND. Join Our support group

Symptoms of PND
Symptoms, which can develop up to two years after the birth, include:

loss of enjoyment and interest in life

feelings of depression

exhaustion [...]

My Fashion Sense Now a style Icon For All Size And Shape

For those of us who try to limit our dress sense here is some help as to trying new styles and new trend as well as why you should.
I am a good example of limited dressing as I call it, a good example of never trying new trend or style am not use to, in other words [...]

Mums When Is The Right Time To Talk Your Boys About Sex Education


Is there ever a right time, how do you approach the subject. For me this is when you use your initiatives comes in,  I don’t think there is an age when you start bringing it up, instead, when the time is right, can be as young as 8 years old or as old as 14, years old, [...]