Sex Before Marriage What Is Your Take

Sex before marriage covers a  broad ground, there has been series of debate, on why one has to wait, for any sexual intercourse until your wedding night.
Sex Before Marriage is just a common sense issue
Yes it is clearly writen in the Bible which say “do not commit fornication”, this implies no sex before wedding. It a [...]

Insecurity is a no no in any marriage

An insecure marriage is like going out and leaving your doors wide open, when your marriage is  insecure it leaves room for all kinds of interference.
Without mincing words, if you are not ready for a relationship let alone marriage than don’t attempt it, one of  the basis, strength and foundation of a good loving and understanding [...]

Cheryl Cole And Ashley Cole Back Together.

Cheryl Cole loves Ashley Cole regardless, why all the bother, can’t the media just let them be, they both love each and can do with a bit of privacy fortunately this can not be, both are celebrities, that is the way and life of celebrities. I always knew they would get back together,  Cheryl Cole never wanted  a [...]

Single And Still Searching’ Becareful

“Marriage is a life time commitment, therefore when choosing your partner you really need to be careful, fine words or smooth wines, fancy cars, huge bank balance and a mansion, is not saying husband material, yes of course it good to have all the finest things of life in your life, but first get the [...]

Can You Be Honest In The Start Of A New Relationship

The backbone of any relationship is honesty. The question I keep getting from friends is do you tell it all, in the early stage of  any relationship or do you wait til later to tell it all, or never at all, there is no straight answer to these question, every relationship must begin or take [...]

The questions every couple should ask: This tells you whether or not you are compatible to go ahead and live together

Are you in with love Him

Is he in  love with you
Is it real love
Are you happy
Can you be happy with him
Is he happy
Will he be happy with you
Are you committed to each
Emotionally ready
Physically ready
Psychologically ready
Spiritually ready
Financially ready
Can you trust this person
Can you be trusted
Do you work well  as a team
Do [...]

How And Where Did You Two Meet

Love they say can grow, sometimes it is  instant, sometimes it just happens, but we do need you our readers to let us know How And Where You Two Met, we like to know you can leave a comment or join our forum.

Why it is important to forgive your partner or husband

Forgiving a cheating husband or wife or partner  does not make you a fool or a weak person, in fact it the other way round, it makes you a much better person, more understanding, and more sensible, ( we are not saying those who don’t forgive are weak or otherwise).
This also does not mean we  approve of cheating, [...]

Make Love Not Sex

Why do most men mistake sex for love making, love making is an act of loving someone, it comes from the heart, you can only make love to someone you love, not just anyone, you can have sex with any one, so ladies ask your self are you making love or having sex.
Marriage and babies [...]

Are You Still Single

Every single women will  love to get married one way or another, either to our ever first lover or the very next, but as we all know things don’t always workout  like we want it to or love it to, most times it always for the best but we really don’t see beyond that, when things [...]

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