WC Exclusive Interview With Kehinde Dacosta-Lawrence An Accomplished Music Producer A Writer And A Movie Producer

Women Confidentials: Please can you tell us a little about yourself.
I am Kehinde Dacosta-Lawrence, I write and produce music, plays,books and movies; i am a contributing editor for a few magazines, I also run a small boutique Marketing/Advertising outfit…i am a relationships counsellor, i love GOD and people, i am spiritual, but not religeous
Women Confidentials:  [...]

God and spouse by Kehinde Dacosta-Lawrence

Kehinde Dacosta-Lawrence

Okaaaaaaye! Now I get it, the reason a lot of people think that GOD owes them a spouse is because of what happened to Adam. Hmm, Eve was brought to be from his rib and she was perfect for him…so now GOD must grant us the same, right? Let me show you how wrong, [...]

Woke up this morning with_____on my mind

Actually, some humming birds woke me up today…i woke up feeling a oneness with nature, a relationship we don’t bask in much because we are so engulfed or engrossed with machines, technology, things that don’t respond without command…the birds are still out there perking away, the blissful sound of the soft gentle wind slowly touching [...]

Psalm 23, One of the most potent psalms, but some have forgotten it’s potency.

I here share my revelation of the Psalm-

“The LORD is my SHEPHERD i shall not want”- We could really stop here and call it a day…this is saying because the LORD ‘is’ (not was, not is going to be, but IS) your SHEPHERD (not minor shepherd, but the ultimate SHEPHERD) you have everything you need…make [...]

Sarah Called Her Husband ‘My lord’

The scary ‘S’ word scares more women than men- Submission…the perception is that one signs her life away by accepting this biblical principle. The truth is, no one makes you become submissive. If you think that a man is going to walk into your life sweep you off your feet and you suddenly become submissive, [...]