Break The Rules Simple Be!

Break the rules!
When it comes to putting together the perfect ensemble, there are some rules that we’re told should never be broken.
Apparently, “blue and green should never be seen without a colour in between”. We’ve been told to be careful with patterns, that some colours just can’t get along and that accessories should always match. [...]

Carolina Herrera Cat walk, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Designs by Carolina Herrera, Photo credit R

Jewel By Lisa’s “Global Minimalism” A Peep At Spring/Summer 2011

Africa fashion has been on for century, think way back in Egypt, how the queens and kings clothed themselves in the finest styles and fabric, this is sill going on till date, but more of trendyness and couture, one fact about Africa style and fashion is that it speaks volume, which is always associated with [...]

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The New College Trend For 2011 Is Brogues

Designers are coming up with all kind of different styles of Brogues, it going to be the trendy look for 2011, more and more people are seeing the beauty, smartness, as well as casual look it gives, and the comfort of any Brogues is super comfortable.

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Africa Best fashion Designers

Abigail Keats is a South African fashion designer. Born November 11, 1986. Keats signature style is best described as a sophisticated contemporary art form that plays with the paradox of masculine tailoring, while exaggerating a feminine figure. The focus throughout all her collections is embedded in exerting the power of a woman while magnifying the beauty [...]