Insecurity is a no no in any marriage

An insecure marriage is like going out and leaving your doors wide open, when your marriage is  insecure it leaves room for all kinds of interference.
Without mincing words, if you are not ready for a relationship let alone marriage than don’t attempt it, one of  the basis, strength and foundation of a good loving and understanding [...]

Check Out Charlyboy’s Family Reality TV Show ”IN YOUR FACE”

Charlyboy’s reality TV show which is titled ”IN YOUR FACE” is all about how the Area Fada lives with his family…more like a definition of family bonding…watch the preview after the cut…

Na Wah oh naija now full of reality TV okay, copy copy but this Charlyboy’s reality TV show is not, Click to view
so bad in fact i kind of like [...]

Friendship:A good friendship is a dear gift

A good friendship is a dear gift, one to be   appreciated and respected. What do you call a friend, the   Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary defines friendship as.


Friendship entails loads  from both parties for it to be a true and long lasting [...]

Why it is important to forgive your partner or husband

Forgiving a cheating husband or wife or partner  does not make you a fool or a weak person, in fact it the other way round, it makes you a much better person, more understanding, and more sensible, ( we are not saying those who don’t forgive are weak or otherwise).
This also does not mean we  approve of cheating, [...]

The marriage proposals:The wedding: The divorce : Life Journey: Part 2

He kept on thanking his stars for his blessings, he was the happiest man here on earth, he worshiped the ground she walked on, he would and could do any thing for her, he has always be a little too slim, in the past he has been to see his doctor with regards to his weight problem, doctors [...]

Why He Has To keep His Marriage Vows’ Husband

Why a man should never end his marriage, marriage is union between two people,you leave your old lives behind, and come together to become one, in one union, and promises are made vows are taken to be together in sickness and in health, till death do they part.
What part of the vows taken do they [...]

How Close Is Your Family

The strength of any union is the very foundation in which it is rooted on, if you have no root or your union is not fully rooted than you can’t really call it a family, the only way you can call your union a family is base on how well rooted you foundation is.
Many a [...]

Your Role as a Man In your Family

I was brought up to believe that role of a man in the family is the ultimate head. Growing up I have come to see and believe that it is the truth  in many ways.
Ever the bible say s we should respect our husband and summit to him, I believe if you want a long lasting relationship in [...]

The Final Count Down To Christmas

We are almost getting there almost 2011, do you remember 2000, the end of the world, some of us would and others may-not, but what ever the case we are now moving on .
Finally the wait is over now is the countdown, yes the very big one we have all being waiting since the start of [...]