WC Exclusive Interview With Kehinde Dacosta-Lawrence An Accomplished Music Producer A Writer And A Movie Producer

Women Confidentials: Please can you tell us a little about yourself.
I am Kehinde Dacosta-Lawrence, I write and produce music, plays,books and movies; i am a contributing editor for a few magazines, I also run a small boutique Marketing/Advertising outfit…i am a relationships counsellor, i love GOD and people, i am spiritual, but not religeous
Women Confidentials:  [...]


A classic case scenario……. By Buhle Mncube
A group of friends are invited to a party, its sounds like it’s gonna be hip, hot and happening not to mention the bunch of handsome dudes who will be hosted and toasted. Single girls get excited and they want to look their best. Throughout the [...]

Meet Super Talented Artist from Nigeria, Carol Jiani R&B Recording Artist’ Producer And CEO

Love you style please can you tell our readers a little about your work and music.
My name is Uchenna Ikejiani I was born in Nigeria to an Igbo family. I moved from Nigeria to Montreal, Canada in the mid-1970s to study at Concordia University. In autumn 1977  and auditioned to appear on Joe La [...]

Making Love When Pregnant or Not

There is nothing wrong in making love when pregnant, if you are given the go ahead by  your doctor, unless you are very sickly, or have a condition than making love is absolutely fine.
According to an articles from Baby Center ”
Can I have sex while I’m pregnant?

Absolutely. With a normal pregnancy, you can keep doing it right [...]

Insecurity is a no no in any marriage

An insecure marriage is like going out and leaving your doors wide open, when your marriage is  insecure it leaves room for all kinds of interference.
Without mincing words, if you are not ready for a relationship let alone marriage than don’t attempt it, one of  the basis, strength and foundation of a good loving and understanding [...]

WC First exclusive interview, with the gorgeous award winning, Lyze Bamigbola-Silas the creator and CEO of Lyze Hats

WC Please tell us a little about your self.
I am a Lyze Bamigbola- Silas, a Milliner. I create bespoke headwear through personal consultations. I also teach traditional millinery skills privately.
I hold a strong position In my family, the 1st of 5 and 1st  of over  60 grandchildren on my maternal side.
I am blessed with a daughter, [...]

Meet Catwalk Professor Winner Of Beffta Award UK

Who is catwalk professor?
Catwalk professor is known as the man who teaches all the girls the true meaning on walking the runway,how to pose,etiquette,how to remove a jacket,how to hold a bag,and how to display a garment to its best advantage and much more.

Tell us about who you are?
Am from the caribbean island of ST.Maarten [...]

Is Emotional Affairs Also Regarded As An Affair

Private this, private that,
What is the difference between  emotional affair and affair, I did ask a few  men and women 90% of women replied ,” was there is nothing like emotional affair when sex is not involved it is not an affair, they argued that it only becomes an affair when sex is involved”.

After the initial question with the  men and [...]

Is Sex Really Important in Your Marriage/Relationship? loving someone and married to the love of your life equals good —-

Good Question,  Is Sex Really Important in Your Marriage/Relationship? Sex is not the only base or foundation for marriages, but it is one of the most important factors of any good and loving marriage . What is the use or reason to be married and not have sex, or what is the use of being married and [...]

Riots: plans to tackle disorder announced

Plans to address the social problems that caused the riots, and crack down on the criminals who took part, were announced today by Prime Minister David Cameron. As well as a ’security fightback’ to crack down on crime and make people feel safer, a ’social fightback’ will be launched to end the ‘do what you [...]

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