Newly Graduated: Is graduation the last step to achieving success

If only graduation was the last step to achieving success, but in more cases than not, it is the beginning of a long but well deserve successful road ahead.
The road ahead may be long, but if you have done your very best why in uni, there is no reason not to have a successful career [...]

How To Teach Your Child To Love Reading

I saw this photo above of Michelle Obama reading to children at a children’s centre and I thought,brilliant, an excellent example for parents who think they have no time to do something as trivial as reading to children. It is so important to help your children learn to read and to love reading. A research carried out [...]

Parent View – tell Ofsted how your child’s school is doing

There is a new easy way for you to tell Ofsted how you think your child’s school is performing. Ofsted has launched Parent View, a 12-question online survey that lets you give your views on your child’s school at any time.
Among other topics, the online questionnaire asks parents for their views on the following at [...]

New schools admissions code

The Education Secretary today (27 May 2011) launched a consultation to make the school admissions process simpler, fairer and more transparent for all parents.

Simplifying the admissions code

“You shouldn’t have to hire a lawyer to navigate the school system”
Education Secretary, Michael Gove

The proposed changes would streamline the statutory Admissions and Appeals Codes. Together the two slimmed-down [...]

A 14-year-old girl was stabbed out side her school.

A teenage girl aged 14 is in a serious but stable condition  after she was stabbed right in front of her school, she was airlifted to the hospital, the attacker was also a teenager, he was held by the staff of the school after others called for help.
The attacker stabbed  Chloe West several times outside [...]

Finding and choosing childcare

The first thing you will need to do when arranging childcare is find out exactly what is available in your area. Once you have found local providers, you will need to do a bit of research to see which will suit your child best. Get advice here on the easiest way to find and choose [...]

What is your financial state: For the ideal number of kids to have

Your Financial state, what is your financial state, most people will say that having  large family depends on their financial state, if they have a huge bank balance, well off them the may have a large family.
Some other argue that  huge bank balance or not they will still have a 1 or 2 kids,this is [...]

Schools for Child with Autism

Children with autism have different academics strengths and needs as well as different learning schools for child with autism Rainbow School for Children with. Autism and school often do not mix well. Boarding Schools for Children with Autism. Students with mild autism sometimes can go to regular school. Children with autism may have sensory integration [...]

Working with School Age Child

Please note: The new regulations require all educators working in. Working with their professional teaching staff working with school age child program has grown from one school age location serving just 25 families in April of 2008 to operating. SCN Working Group on Nutrition of School Age Child. All of our School Age Child Care [...]

Private Schools And Child With Disability

Collaborative reasoning, which encourages independent critical. A private, nonprofit school for fourth- through 12th-graders with dyslexia and other language-related learning disabilities. Should my Public School Child Enroll in Honors or Average Paced Courses?. Understanding Your Child’s private schools and child with disability Disabilities.
Having Your Child Tested for Learning Disabilities Outside of School. Special Needs Children [...]

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