College Life’ College Shopping : get 15% off your new spring wardrobe with a further 10% off online only from Dorothy Perkins

Some student interviewed said going shopping, was one of the things they love doing, but dressing up when shopping is not their style.  others  disagreed, they said whether shopping or not you just have to look the part, if you are seriously in to your fashion life and style.
As a student you must enjoy yourself [...]

Relationship’ Falling In Love With My Best Friend Without Meaning To

Recently I meet one of my friends for tea. On the phone he said he had great news for me, so I was excited he was excited, to tell you the truth i could not make out what he was saying all i can remember is that he said great news, “let us met up [...]

How Does Your Bum Look In Your Jeans

The big question every women ask,
How do i look,
Do i look fat,
How dose my bum look in this,
The other day I  was talking  to a friend in a fashion industry, and we talked about jeans and how to know your body likes and dislikes, when it comes to jeans, she said ”

“ For fuller figure with small waist, [...]

The New College Trend For 2011 Is Brogues

Designers are coming up with all kind of different styles of Brogues, it going to be the trendy look for 2011, more and more people are seeing the beauty, smartness, as well as casual look it gives, and the comfort of any Brogues is super comfortable.

ASOS AIDEN Leather Lace Up Brogue Boots £50.00


Count down to your office Christmas party

ASOS Swirl Print One Shoulder Dress£48.00. Once again is the count to your office Christmas dressing, still feeling raw as to what to wear, to look a bit different from others yet affordable, why not try our editor’s pick for your office party, for an off shouder  swirl print dress you do need a pretty cool [...]

Things To Know When In College


Congratulation if you are in college now, there is nothing like the feeling of achievement, you have made your parents proud. But you must always remember why you are in college, to get  a degree, not just any one but an

Excellent Degree
Mannered Attitude
Good Social Skills
High Achiever
A Boyfriend Mummy Will Be Proud Of

   Excellent Degree , the only [...]

10 Ways Of Achiving A Good Grade In College


Why you are in school, especially for those who just got in, it is very important to keep focus and always remember why you are in school, there are always many distraction, that can lead to lack of concentration on your school work.
The only way to do this, is to keep reminding your self the [...]