Newly Graduated: Is graduation the last step to achieving success

If only graduation was the last step to achieving success, but in more cases than not, it is the beginning of a long but well deserve successful road ahead.
The road ahead may be long, but if you have done your very best why in uni, there is no reason not to have a successful career [...]

Willow Patent Brogue Shoes

I love The very traditional brogue, but this lovely patent leather one is my pick, I just fell in love with it as soon as I saw it, and  I did a straight review.

It is a classic, and a must have for every stylish wardrobe if you must know, the raised heels, and contrasting lace up [...]

Teenage Pregnancy: How do you handle teenage pregnancy

What can you do, you were the happiest mum when your little girl’s letter of admission came, and all you could think of or look forward to was her graduation,
Than the phone rings, you pick it up, it is your little girl, before you could say hello!  ”Mum please can i come  home am not feeling too [...]

Matching Up your Jacket With The Right Dresses

Dressing up in Jacket and blazer with dresses is what most of us don’t do, but it can be lovely if you know how to choose your blazer and dresses to go with your style. It comes to a matter of personal choice, you can go for the first set of looking simple and classy [...]

Controling The Pains And Sadness Issue

Do you get so angry that you feel like it taking control of your life?and you just can’t help it, you have done everything possible but still you are still always very angry  you really need to calm down and put out the flames.
Some times we don’t just know how angry we are or we just don’t [...]

Friendship The 21 Golden Rules Of Friendship

I believe from my experience and from others that good friendship is not by chance, but by a chain of events. That is why my motor is if your friendship is  not working, than forget it, if  you follow the the rules of a good friendship you  fine that, friendship is not meant to be painful, but one [...]

College Student’ Teenage Pregnancy

Getting pregnant if you are not prepering  for  a baby or was not planning for one,  can be  quite daunting, regardless of the fact that the best news any women is expected to get in this life time is the good news of expecting.  (You must tell your mum before anyone) in times like this [...]