Choosing your tall boots

choosing your Boots: Tall boots which are over the knee, can be lovely with shorts, but one thing you have to do is to consider your shape and try other boots style to see the one which looks lovely on you, boots like tall  boots, knee-high boots, and ankle boots, not all short are nice [...]

Bargain Fashion For College Student

College is a time to save and save, now that the tuition fees is much much than it was, student are left with very little, that is why I took my time to find the right style for the right price, with compromising your dress trend. Below are lovely simple yet chic dress for a [...]

College Fashion: preview to trendy spring fashion 2011 for all college student

These are some of the new trend this season, what is you style, are you a jeans girl, or dress girl or skirt girl or leggings, which ever the case there is a bag for you above. Pick a bag and tell us what you think, the best writeup gets a bag,
These season entering into [...]

How To Complement Paisley Flower Blouse This Season

 Paisley Flower Patterned Open Back Blouse. Paisley are always  classic as well as chic, lovely when worn with plain combination, the goodness of of paisley tops is the gorgeous feeling of luxury, and class it gives, with a complementary fitting. I would match this up with Zip Detail Hareem Trousers. The high waist trouser means [...]

Mid-Semester Trend Fashion Black sateen superskinny jeans

It getting real cold, therefore trend as well as style will be changing, this is the time to stock up all clothing for a bargain of course, there is no better ways to do so but to know what designers are giving this season. It is a little tricky looking cool when the weather is really cold, [...]

College Trendy Jacket Blue Check Double Button Blazer


Blue check double button blazer. Looking good on trendy jacket are a bit tricky, the key is knowing which style to use, and how to match it up to met your body need.
The first jacket ill do well for those who are  trying to flatter their shape, and for those who are more curvy the [...]

How Does Your Bum Look In Your Jeans

The big question every women ask,
How do i look,
Do i look fat,
How dose my bum look in this,
The other day I  was talking  to a friend in a fashion industry, and we talked about jeans and how to know your body likes and dislikes, when it comes to jeans, she said ”

“ For fuller figure with small waist, [...]

Things To Know When In College


Congratulation if you are in college now, there is nothing like the feeling of achievement, you have made your parents proud. But you must always remember why you are in college, to get  a degree, not just any one but an

Excellent Degree
Mannered Attitude
Good Social Skills
High Achiever
A Boyfriend Mummy Will Be Proud Of

   Excellent Degree , the only [...]

College Fashion Party Dresses

Wow there no better time to full up your wardrobe than this season, you get the very best for less, this are all fabulous party dresses, and you get them for half or less than half their prices, this are all must have, this Christmas,

mesh-ruched-dress, mesh ruched hugging dress is a must have, it gives [...]