WC:Why Career Women Should Be Empowered

What is a career women, days back only few women can be referred to as career women, but now the market of career can be said to be a little over populated but in the good way if you get my point, there is nothing like having a good career, getting to your dream position, [...]

How do you value your time? Part 2

Are you one of those who postulates, “If you want something done properly do it yourself?”
Do you glean irrevocable pleasure from taking ownership of every minute task at hand?
Any full-time mum will appreciate the herculean tasks involved in running the home, paradoxically speaking, running a home and raising kids doesn’t have to be herculean”.
By the [...]

Women Fashion:Selecting your office wear: the perfect office dresses for a chic you

Military shirt dress £175.00 Cotton satin military inspired fitted shift dress with belt and branded metalwork.

Modern knit dress

Military knit dress .

DRESS 1 £175.00 Cotton satin military inspired fitted shift dress with belt and branded metalwork.
DRESS 2 £125.00 3/4 length sleeves on a knitted dress with contrast rib detail and knitted belt [...]

Why Are Career Women Nolonger Postponing Childbirth

Postponing childbirth was on the high not too long ago, and it still is but is reducing compare to few years ago, women were  postponing childbirth, but now, women can now  see    it ups and downs.
No healthy women want to believe they can’t have kids when they are ready, but the truth of the matter is [...]

Career Women


Careel Women?

Is you career a set back or a blessing,
Do you put your career before any other thing
Is it affecting your relationship,
Is it stoping you from gettimg a partner

Most career women have confessed to seeing their  wonderful career as a cause to them, as suppose to be a blessing, but, at one stage [...]