Rod Stewart and his wife Penny Lancaster welcomed their new baby boy

Rod Stewart   wife Penny Lancaster have delivered a baby boy, the singer and his wife welcomed their new borne baby into the world.
The new borne baby is named Aiden, Aiden is the  child of the couple, their first child is called Alastair Wallace.  The new baby came five years after the birth of their [...]

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Silver Cross 3D Complete Pram System – Jet Sport

The 3D offers a full lie flat position with a soft liner allowing baby and mum to have eye-to-eye contact
It then converts to a stylish forward facing pushchair for a toddler
Suitable from birth [...]

Pampers And Huggies Forum Debate : Women/Parent Forum

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For me i would use pampers for any newbore babies, it very soft and baby friendly, unlike huggies, the only time i use huggies for my babies is when the are much older say when they are between 9 and 10 months, the reason is huggies is [...]

Weaning your baby

Babies are usually ready to start solids when they are around six months old. This is the time to gradually introduce non-milk foods, a process called ‘weaning’. Here are some handy tips on how best to introduce solid foods into your baby’s diet. Join our forum

Top tips
Some babies adapt to solids easier than others, so [...]

Free milk, fruit, vegetables, infant formula and vitamins

You may be entitled to free milk, fresh fruit and vegetables, infant formula and vitamins under the Healthy Start scheme.

Who is eligible for Healthy Start?
You may qualify if you’re pregnant and/or have at least one child under four years old and your family gets any of the following:

Income Support
income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
Child Tax Credit (but not [...]

Babies And Development

Toddlers Play Groups)
Babies And Toddlers Check List
Children Centres
Prince Of Wales Children’s Centre
Play Group For Parent Babies And Toddlers
Children Hospitals
Applying For A Place In A Nursery
Potty Training
Play Group For Parent Babies And Toddlers
Mums And Babies

Mums And Babies

Mums To Be-you have to look after your self. Eat well, sleep well. You need all the rest you can get before your baby comes. Go for all your appointment. Reduce your work load and avoid lifting up heave objects. What a blessing it is to become a mum. I know i feel honoured.
Babies- lovely [...]

Pre School Classes

If you are looking for clubs for your kids, there are local  clubs as well as  classes running in your area which are mainly aimed at babies, toddlers and preschoolers.
The pre school schools  come great  opportunities for kinds of activities  to art and  music classes  and movement sessions,  language, baby signing .
All classes for babies and toddlers  children are are [...]