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College Student’ Starting A Relationship Is It Best When You Are Older

Being in College is never easy, with all the course work, here and there, with so many deadlines to meet, social activities, friends to keep up with, shopping and even the most precious of them all which is  relaxation and sleeping.
With all this activities all lined up what time do you have to keep up with [...]

Vitamins Every College Girl Needs in Her Diet /five day fruit and vegetables

In college we tend to forget about little but important things, like our five a day fruit and vegetables, we also forget about our everyday vitamins which the body needs to keep healthy.
Being in college is not the end of the road, it just the start of our lives forever, and as girls we are [...]

Newly Graduated: Is graduation the last step to achieving success

If only graduation was the last step to achieving success, but in more cases than not, it is the beginning of a long but well deserve successful road ahead.
The road ahead may be long, but if you have done your very best why in uni, there is no reason not to have a successful career [...]

WC Interview With Kerry Jones A Second Year College Student

Women Confidentials: Tell us a little about about your self.
My names is  Kerry  Jones, am a  second year  Business student in one of the universities in London, I have just one more year to complete my course.

Women Confidetials:How is college life treating you, and how is your course, your teachers and fellow students
Not too bad, [...]

Choosing your tall boots

choosing your Boots: Tall boots which are over the knee, can be lovely with shorts, but one thing you have to do is to consider your shape and try other boots style to see the one which looks lovely on you, boots like tall  boots, knee-high boots, and ankle boots, not all short are nice [...]

A Selection Of Colourful Summer Dresses

Like I always say I am a mix and match Gal, and I believe summer is for summery colours, like going for a BBQ party below are some lovely summery colour dresses to keep your party looking summery and colourful.

East Goa Bandhini Cotton Short Dress.£69.00

Kookai Full Skirted Broderie Anglaise ‘Cannes’ Dress. £149.00

John Lewis Women [...]

Bargain Fashion For College Student

College is a time to save and save, now that the tuition fees is much much than it was, student are left with very little, that is why I took my time to find the right style for the right price, with compromising your dress trend. Below are lovely simple yet chic dress for a [...]

Looking Funky With 70s Accessories this summer

This summer to look so deliciously chic and funky than a good start will be accessorizing your self in the 70s look, giving a mixture of cool, funky and chic what a golden combination I must say, if you look closely you do see that both the 70s and 50s are back with a mix [...]

Loving Your Figure: Swimsuit Season

It officially summer, this is the middle of may, every where is warming up, some of us are writing our exams, and others are preparing for their final exams, but no matter what we are doing, summer is now the season to wind up, live a little and enjoy the skin tone summer brings with [...]

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