A Working Mum

It’s great being a mum for a second time. I had my first child at 23. Now at 29 I just gave birth to my beautiful daughter three months ago.
My first experience of motherhood was very challenging. I don’t know what to expect and what to do when it happens. God is great he gave [...]

Pretty Mums: Autograph Watercolour Girls Dress by Marks and Spencer

Autograph Watercolour Girls Dress by Marks and Spencer. Price starts from £25

Kids Furniture Of The Week: Djeco In The Forest Lampshade

Djeco In The Forest Lampshade £11

Djeco In The Sea Lampshade £11

Djeco In Space Lampshade £11

Editor’s pick Suzanne Ermann Black Sequin Girl Dress

Suzanne Ermann Black Sequin Girl Dress £175
As soon as you see this stunning dress, your eyes are immediately drawn to the fuchsia jewel studded bow that sits neatly on a black background. The black sequin dress is part of the Barbie collection by Suzanne Ermann. I’m assuming that Barbie doll has similar outfit and they [...]

WC:Why Career Women Should Be Empowered

What is a career women, days back only few women can be referred to as career women, but now the market of career can be said to be a little over populated but in the good way if you get my point, there is nothing like having a good career, getting to your dream position, [...]

Making Love When Pregnant or Not

There is nothing wrong in making love when pregnant, if you are given the go ahead by  your doctor, unless you are very sickly, or have a condition than making love is absolutely fine.
According to an articles from Baby Center ”
Can I have sex while I’m pregnant?

Absolutely. With a normal pregnancy, you can keep doing it right [...]

Parenting : Net working and meeting other mums

Make new friends
Being a mum is the best thing and feeling in the world but at the same time it can be lonely and  isolating, now is the time to make friends with other mums, and find mums with similar views all you need to do is join Women Confidentials chat and forum, it free [...]

WC Interview: Why I Love Teaching Lisa Young

Women Confidentials: Tells Us about your career
Am Lisa Young,  a teacher from London.  Most importantly am a mum, than a teacher, from the very start I always saw my self as a teacher, when I say from the start I mean from when I was very young I always wanted to be a teacher, two reasons [...]

Wrapped Around Your Finger: Top 15 Blogs For First-Time Dads

Being a dad is a big responsibility and if it’s your first rodeo, you might be overwhelmed with what to expect. Rest assured there are plenty of blogs and websites that give you a taste of what being a new dad is like. While there’s no official rule book on how to do it right, [...]

What Age Should Your Teenage Daughter Wear Her MakeUP

Is there right or wrong answer to teenage girls wearing makeup. A few years ago your hardly see young girls wearing makeup, but but things have changed, makeup for young girls is  fast becoming the trend, even more common  with designers making  more and more kids make up, even for as young as 5 years [...]

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