Healthy Living And Weight Management

Our favorite Healthy Food Editor: Josephine Amaka Bardi AKA Smoothie Princess. a Qualified Information, Advice & Guidance Coordinator, had this to say in weight management and healthy living. You can ask her ask any Question join her in WC forum Group,or a arrange a  live Chart with.
I love my fruits but chewing them is something I did [...]

‘The Smoothie’ turn your fruits and vegetables into smoothies

I love my fruits but chewing them is something I did not enjoy for a long time until I discovered ‘The Smoothie’. It’s been three years now since I discovered the smoothie and I have not looked back. My journey started from a visit to Lewisham market where one can get a variety of season [...]

The Benefits Of Five A Day Fruits And Vegetables / Weight Management Part 2

Exercise is great especially. I love yoga and lots of stretches. Cross training, cycling and brisk power walking are also advisable. Running is good but I prefer to alternate the speed. Yesterday, my team and I trained in-doors cos of our enviable UK weather. It was an all-day thing; so we started our day with [...]

Is Shoprite Nigeria New Tesco

Do you think, have they taken over the market in Naija, are they better than Tesco  or just keeping up with the Jones.
I love shoprite went i visited, it was easy and    convenient, but i think personally it was totally expensive, it can not be compared to Tesco or any UK top super market just for one reason it only [...]

Wine And Dine For Two: Butter Rice

Are you tried of  Winning and dinning in the same restaurant, but you love wining and dining wishing you could do it at home instead, well now is your chance to wine and dine in the comfort of your home.

Butter Rice And Vegetables.  serves 5
good for every one, both vegetarian and non vegetarian

rice half kg
cooking [...]

Party Food From Marks And Spencer

24 Mini Cheesecakes


24 Mini Cheesecakes


Serves 12
Product Code: 00770262
Perfect for parties, these creamy Madagascan vanilla-infused cheesecake bites have a digestive biscuit base with a crisp milk chocolate coating.
Contains: Cow’s milk, eggs, soya, wheat, oats, gluten.
This product will keep for at least two days from the date of collection.

Order by 5pm to collect as early as 13 March,
Available [...]

Vegetable salad with cheese

Healthy food makes a healthy you, today my pick is Vegetable salad with cheese. I make this on a daily basis, most time without the cheese, the cheese only comes into the salad for those days when I need a special treatment.

Vegetable salad with cheese Feed 4
Cucumber 1
Tomatoes 2 big ones
Lettuce 1
Onions 1
olives 1 box
Cheese [...]

Order Your Christmas/Party Cake Now

The Classic Christmas Cake/Party Cake
All our collection cakes are specially made to user order, beat the rush, party dead line and Christmas deadline and order now. We give discount also, delivery is free within UK.

The Collection hand-decorated  fruit cake ORDER NOW

Traditional Christmas Pudding ORDER NOW

Mini Cupcakes to order ORDER NOW
Classic Christmas Cake ORDER NOW

Simple Family Recipe The Kids Will Love

Stir fry Tomatoes Spaghetti feeds 4

500 grand pasta or spaghetti
Half grass of milk
Quarter red and green paper
brown onion
One table spoon of butter
Black pepper
Two spoons of Olive oil
Three slices of ham
Water cress
1 knorr chicken cube

To cook pre boil the pasta, and when is almost cook, drain the water and fry with butter for 1 minute, mix you well  chopped [...]

Kid’s Party Food To Order From Marks And Spencer

12 Mini Jellies


Children’s Party Platter (18 pieces)


18 Mini Chocolate Cupcakes


Butterfly Cake


Classic Crudité Selection


Fresh Fruit Salad Collection


60 Cocktail Sausage Rolls


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