The New Hair brand every celebrity is wearing called Aunty Betties Hair

Every occasion needs a good hair style, and so we ask what is your style,  below is Chioma, wearing Aunty Betties Straight wave. with Aunty Betties Hair straight closure, when you talk of quality, and style , you talk about Aunty Betties Hair

Hair style is the best way to give your dressing a good [...]

Newly Graduated: Is graduation the last step to achieving success

If only graduation was the last step to achieving success, but in more cases than not, it is the beginning of a long but well deserve successful road ahead.
The road ahead may be long, but if you have done your very best why in uni, there is no reason not to have a successful career [...]

Know The Signs Of Potential Wife Beater

Wife beaters don’t carry the cross on their forehead saying they are wife beaters, it can be difficult to tell, but there are signs to look our for.
Most wife beaters are very meticulous, they will keep to time and like you to do the same, when dating they treat you like a queen, why indirectly [...]

Sex Before Marriage What Is Your Take

Sex before marriage covers a  broad ground, there has been series of debate, on why one has to wait, for any sexual intercourse until your wedding night.
Sex Before Marriage is just a common sense issue
Yes it is clearly writen in the Bible which say “do not commit fornication”, this implies no sex before wedding. It a [...]

The Bitter End Of A Long Term Relationship

Some times in life no matter  the  direction you try to take, it looks like things are going the opposite turn, just when you are getting to your destination, that is what usually happens with the end of any long term  relationship or marriage.
The end of any long time relationship is always a sad one, [...]

The Value Of Friendship

Most people count friendship as the number of friends they have or keep, but friendship is more or less about the value you put in as a friend into a friendship that matters, not the number of friends you have. friendship touches the heart, it brings challenges, it can be motivating as well as inspiring
What [...]

Insecurity is a no no in any marriage

An insecure marriage is like going out and leaving your doors wide open, when your marriage is  insecure it leaves room for all kinds of interference.
Without mincing words, if you are not ready for a relationship let alone marriage than don’t attempt it, one of  the basis, strength and foundation of a good loving and understanding [...]

Single Mums a big well done to all the single mums out there

Taking care of kids is difficult even with two partners, but when you are single it becomes even more difficult and challenging , that is why it is important for every single mum to have a very good  routine, that way she can give herself a little bit of me time.
Every single mum is icon to [...]

Exercising’ Mums Getting Back Your Shape’ Using The Three ICT:Information’Control’Time Management

Why exercising or any form of keeping fit should be our daily and normal life style.
More and more of us are seeing and even getting the benefit of keeping fit, why some of us still don’t understand why it should be a part of our daily living.
Others know but can’t be bothered, and others who [...]

Keeping Your Marriage Together

Marriage vows are  made because they are important and  must be kept, you can’t make a vow and not keep, we  must work extra hard to keep our marriages together, if you came from a broken home than you will understand why you must work really hard for some thing and someone you love and [...]

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