WC Interview With Our Favorite Pauline Long TV Presenter Multi Award Winning Entrepreneur’ Philanthropist And Founder Of The Prestigious BEFFTA Award

Women Confidentials:Tell us a little about your self

I’m Pauline Long a proud mother of two wonderful children, a multi-award winning entrepreneur, fashion designer, TV presenter and philanthropist. I’m the founder of the prestigious BEFFTA awards and presenter of BEFFTA TV show. Amongst my current roles that I cherish so much are being the goodwill ambassador and face of Nile Africa Development (NAD) and Africa International Achievers awards (AFIA). The charities give back in a special way by supporting grassroots projects to support themselves become self-sustainable and self-sufficient. I’m also the founder of Mr East Africa UK and Miss East Africa UK beauty pageants; these pageants work closely with a campaign I started that’s called SHOUT CAMPAIGN. The campaign’s main aim is to be a voice for underprivileged and street children. It also carries out a regular feeding programme for the street children.

Women Confidentials: You have been in the entertaining industry for quite some time, can you please tell us how it all began, and your love for entertainment.

I actually came from hospitality and crossed over to entertainment, which I found so interesting as I like meeting new people. I enjoy collaborating with like-minded people. So I started off as a beauty pageant director of Miss East Africa UK, then a couple years later Mr East Africa UK whilst collaborating with various talented people in the industry. I was appointed the fashion editor for the popular online magazineUGpulse.com then a year later I established Miss East Africa UK magazine where we mainly featured charities, entertainment, fashion, film and arts.  Also contribute regularly for the Afro News paper.

The entertainment industry is big with lots of creativity, you can be in a room with musicians, fashion designers, make-up artists, actors, djs, TV presenters and feel so much positive energy that makes you want to be creative, it’s almost contagious and I love that so much. I also enjoy presenting or hosting shows and get the positive energy from the audience. I recently presented The Africa International Achievers Awards and shortly after I came off stage, some members of the audience came to me saying how they enjoyed the connection I had with them and how I made them feel part of the event. That meant a lot to me and that’s what entertainment is about, getting to meet all these people and connect with them in a way that both parties are left spiritually satisfied.

Women Confidentials: First I would like to say well done to you for your many creative ideas that have become really great and made you the powerful and strong woman to be reckoned with, please do tell us how you became this strong, in other words making your ideas not just becoming a reality but  becoming a household name.

A woman in entertainment industry has got to be extremely strong; this is a man’s world, you know! I firmly believe that I was born to serve a purpose and that’s exactly what I’m fulfilling. There are 24 hours in a day and I choose to use each wisely, in fact sometimes I wish there were a couple more hours. As well as drawing inspiration from only positive people around me, I’m mainly self-motivated. I’m not successful but I’m an achiever. I usually tell my team that I don’t care how much they talk about what they want to do or what is to be done as long as there is a result at the end of the talk. Sometimes we can get lost in the talk and not walk the walk. My motto is just get on with it Pauline…..I believe if you have set out to do something then you shouldn’t let anything stop you, even a tsunami and only when your life comes to an end then your activities should come to an end too……oh dear forgive me for sounding like an intelligent philosopher!  More of my motivational quotes can be found on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pauline-Longs-Daily-Motivation/367560910498. Having said this, there are usually unexpected setbacks and challenges that I deal with but the one thing I have learnt to keep is my focus. I have to make sure there’s no zigzag or unnecessary distraction, I walk on a straight line towards my set goals and I fully know what time it is.

Women Confidentials: Please do tell us your role as the presenter with Sky TV for the BEFFTA show.

BEFFTA TV show is an extension of BEFFTA award which are currently in the UK and USA. My job as a presenter is very interesting as it involves intensive research to unravel hidden talent and unsung heroes in entertainment, film, fashion, television and arts.

Women Confidentials: You are the founder of a number of events and projects, please do tell us about them and what they stand for,  to include Mr and Miss East Africa UK / MISS WEST AFRICA.

Miss East Africa UK is where it all started. It is a pageant that promotes entrepreneurship, beauty and philanthropy. The winner walks away with a cash prize to help her set up a business. I believe in encouraging the youth to be enterprising and not fall into the poverty trap; we now live in a global village where they are free to venture in all sorts of businesses. Entrepreneurship is the way forward. Miss East Africa UK started off as a voice for East African children and especially street children, we worked with a few charities from Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Eventually I set up a campaign called SHOUT CAMPAIGN which regularly feeds street children. This is my main aim for being in the industry, I’m using the entertainment industry as a platform to help set up a way to remove street children from the streets of various African countries, one at a time. It is taking me longer than expected but I believe I’m about to make a break through, not long left.

Mr East Africa UK also promotes entrepreneurship, beauty and philanthropy. Together the two pageants were set up to work alongside each other for a common goal.

I co-founded and co-organised the original Miss West Africa which I no longer co-organise although I get involved now and again as a sponsor and a judge. They do a great job and have since expanded to the global market.

Women Confidentials: You are graceful, always poise, polite, always looking good, please do tell us a little about your inner-person and your dress sense.

You are too kind, thank you for describing me in such a humble way. Being graceful, humble and polite runs in my family, it’s how we were brought up. Ss for my dress sense, I love my African print dresses, I love bright colours. Red is my favourite colour but lately I’ve been learning towards blue and brighter colours like yellow and orange. Please do not attempt to buy me a brown or beige item of clothing. Brown depresses me a lot, I can just about manage to carry a brown laptop bag. Although I love short dresses just above the knee my signature and what I mostly feel elegant in is a pencil skirt or dress. Because I have such a tiny frame, I hate to wear loose fitting clothes; they make me look pregnant or bloated. My dress or skirt has got to be tight fitting. I have my own collection; Pauline Long collection, most of which are pencil skirt dresses and a few long elegant wear. I’m in an industry where you cannot be seen twice in the same dress but I think I’m going to defy this rule for two reasons, it is getting too expensive to buy so many clothes as I attend so many functions in a year, the other reason is, I have run out of storage. All my dresses fit me well and I bought them because I love them and would love to wear them again so I will not be giving them away to buy new ones. If it’s good enough for the Duchess of Cambridge Prince Kate to recycle her clothes then it’s good enough for me. And besides all I need is a different pair of shoe with the same dress as many times as possible.

Women Confidentials: I can see you are a very busy woman, please do tell us how busy are you, do you have time for your self and family activities. I’m extremely busy but what I do is fun so it has almost become part of my life, however I’m grateful because I have a wonderful team and a great support network. Somehow I find time for everything in 24 hours. Right now I have just come from my daytime job as manager of East End studios in London, I’m on the train on my way home to the West Midlands but I just couldn’t sit down and stare at the person sitting opposite me so I’m making use of the one and half hour journey to answer your interview questions. There’s never a moment of put your feet up it’s time to relax, if I’m not with my family then I’m working. But the beauty of it all is I thoroughly enjoy both. I work around my children’s timetable as they come first before anything. A typical working day for me would be to get up at 5am, catch up with some work emails before ironing clothes for the family, do breakfast then drop the children to school by 8.30am and head to London for production meetings or manage the studio while in use by clients but all this is done in time for me to head back again on to my 2 hour train journey in time to pick the children up from school at 5.30pm, and before I know it’s time for supper and reading bedtime stories. Some weekends are working days at the studio with the children doing activities in their play area and my 8 year old son practicing his photography skill and some weekends are completely work-free and are totally dedicated to the family. All in all there is a good healthy balance.

Interview By Omo Nwabunike





Seven awards received:

1. Most Innovative Kenyan in the UK- KENYAN ACHIEVERS AWARDS

2. African Achievers Awards -Entrepreneurship/Innovation Award
3. FAN Eminent Persons Award
4. GAB Award
5. Ken-Brit Business Award
6.WE(Women In Enterprise Awards
7.M&M Awards(Music and Movies awards for outstanding contribution to entertainment industry)

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  1. Lovely! Very inspiring. Keep up the good work Pauline. To be a mother and still find time to do all these inspiring things is just amazing. You are a role model!

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