WC Exclusive Interview With Primrose Obata Dodo’ A Gorgeous Mum’ A Professional Makeup Artist’ A Business Icon And Blogger

Women Confidentials was granted an interview by a great mum, a  business icon a lovely person in and out,  this is just a prove that we can do all things if we set our minds to it.  read her inspiring interview.

1.Your  work is just great, and everyone loves them, please do tell us a little about yourself ?
My name is Primrose Obata Dodo a mother of three lovely children ages between 20 and 8. I am a Nigerian from Delta state but grew up in Benin City, I am a makeup artist, a baker, blogger, photographer, and secretary but I must say I am more into my makeup and baking business.
2. you are professional makeup artist, and a black women in Europe where the competition is stiff, please do tell our readers how hard or how easy it’s been, to get you where you are in your trade?
It has not been easy. When I started, I can say there were not much makeup artist in Dublin but to be honest there was none. The awareness was there, when I started I used to accept any fee just for my name to be out there. I remember taking 30euros for an all-night party where the celebrant changed about four times, it wasn’t easy at all then when other makeup artist started emerging tribalism set in!  When I get a job they will be like, “why primrose who is Ibo and not so so so so who is the same tribe with you?” when they call and i tell them the fee they will agree and later call back to say I have gotten somebody to do it for X amount which is far cheaper than you, but I took it all in my strides because I was focused, dedicated and I knew I had the talent and that one day my talent will speak for me. Now I am a brand, everybody wants a “touch” of Prim N Proper makeover, I actually heard somebody say at a party if “e no be Prim N Proper then forget am” (in Nigerian pigin), I just whispered God I thank you.
3. How long have you been in the business of” professional makeup artist” Every design by you is a master piece, please tell our readers about it?
I have being in the business for seven years now, since 2007. Before any job I ask to meet with the client I want to see their facial structure, skin type skin colour then I figure out what product and colour will work for them, I see every face shape as unique and a perfect canvas for a perfect design, I love bright colours even though most of my makeup job is subtle because I believe makeup enhances your beauty and not to transform you to a different person entirely.
4. Not only are you a makeup artist you are also a mum, as well as blogger, how have you managed to cope so well?
It’s by the grace of God and time management I have to juggle being a mum, a student, baker, blogger and makeup Artist on a daily bases.  It has not been easy, at first I struggle then as time progressed I told myself “Primmy you just have to figure it out” and I did. My day starts with waking up by 7am praying with my kids, dropping them off at school, then if I have errands to run then I do all that before 11am, to tend to my business. I start receiving calls from potential clients for makeup and cakes, work on future projects- writing letters of Proposals for my business, by 2 O’clock I am off to pick the kids, do their homework with them, I go to school 3days a week by 9pm it is “me time” that is when I blog, if you follow my blog you will observe that I post my news at night usually between 12 and 1pm, the same routine the next day. I always say mothers are the most hardworking people on earth and I am proud to be one.

5.  Please do tell u us about some of your clients, both the past and present, and what is your most memorable job or client?

To me every client is memorable because they all have their individual uniqueness and characteristics, but the most memorable was working on a pretty lady called Hilda Okoma who was so sweet and who trusted my judgment and never questioned what I was doing all she said is just make me beautiful but my gele (headgear) must not be big, unlike others really massive gele
6. what are your prices, do you provide services for everyone or just for those who can afford your services?
My prices are affordable, and yes my services are for everyone, in business you have to be sensitive to people’s circumstances
7.  You always look so flawless and good, our readers would love to know your beauty secret?
My beauty secret is plenty of water and fruits, I am not into exercise and I don’t wear makeup everyday only when I have somewhere important to go to or an event, and I never sleep with makeup on no matter how tired I might be…
yours faithfully  primrose dodo

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