‘The Smoothie’ turn your fruits and vegetables into smoothies

I love my fruits but chewing them is something I did not enjoy for a long time until I discovered ‘The Smoothie’. It’s been three years now since I discovered the smoothie and I have not looked back. My journey started from a visit to Lewisham market where one can get a variety of season fruits and whats more, you can get 10 kinds of fruits for £10.

A couples of day before, I ordered an 800watts smoothie maker from amazon.co.uk and it was delivered so with my bag load of fruits, big cheery smile, I went home .

I selected 5 fruits, washed and chopped them into the smoothie maker and waited for the smooth refreshing drink. And boy was it fab? Of course it was. I had my 5 a day in less than 5 minutes. I did this for a couple of days and then, I got creative by adding yogurts, oats, milk, honey, goji berries, nuts etc.

It’s been a discovery for me. I now have smoothie for breakfast and it keeps until 1-2pm. Not only does one get the required nutrients and vitamins from this refreshing drink, the calorie count are low and the intestinal tract shouts yuhuuuuuu cos it starts its day with a liquefied meal. And don’t forget the weight management scope of this whole smoothie for breakfast thing. By Josephine Amaka Bardi Ihediwa. Join our forum to see what others are taking about, or please do leave a comment

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