Insecurity is a no no in any marriage

Couple divorce painfulAn insecure marriage is like going out and leaving your doors wide open, when your marriage is  insecure it leaves room for all kinds of interference.

Without mincing words, if you are not ready for a relationship let alone marriage than don’t attempt it, one of  the basis, strength and foundation of a good loving and understanding marriage is trust, if there is no trust than there is no marriage, you have to trust you wife or husband completely for any union to be functional.

It easy and simple, loving somebody and accepting the person’s love means trusting the person and giving your all to the person, that is the way it works, you can not love a person, accept the person into your life and marry the same person, and come up with the notion “I don’t trust  you”. For you to accept his proposer of marriage means you do trust him, if you didn’t than you will not marry him, the trust you gave to him or had in him when you accepted should be enough to carry you though and build on.  So don’t come up with “I don trust you”

The moment you start to think that way, all sort will begin to play up in your mind, not only that you than  open the door for all kinds of outside interference from friends, family and sometimes to total strangers.

You start to believe your thoughts, which than builds up and it leads to , you resenting  your partner, becoming moody, angry, sometimes rude, and becoming more and  more resentful towards your partners, who innocently don’t even know what you are thinking off, and who has not done any thing, but you see in time the power of your though over cloud your judgement, you now become more  spiteful, depress, emotional, irrational, and the power of your thought becomes a reality, you have than succeeded in making your false thought into reality, you pushed your partner away because of your insecure thought and behaviour.

Only a matter of time you will completely push your partner out of your life, if you are lucky you learn from you mistakes, but if you are not you continue with that sad and unhealthy attitude of insecurity. What this means is that the result will always remain the same, you will keep driving your partners aways, because you are just not secure and you love to remain or be a victim

The 10 Don’t

  1. Don’t kill honesty
  2. No matter what, never kill your trust for your partner
  3. Don’t listen to gossip
  4. Don’ give others power into your private life
  5. Don’t assume
  6. Don’t compere(IE he did it before he will do it again)
  7. Don’t be rude, when you think you are right, listen and communicate
  8. Don’t let your lack of confidence or insecurity bring down your marriage
  9. Don’t ignore your issue of trust if you have one before marriage, you must address it
  10. Don’t compare him to your ex IE if your ex did it to you than he will do it to you

Men who cheat on their wives,   always said they  felt under-appreciated and unwelcomed in their homes this lead to the feeling of  insecurity.Not feeling comfortable talking to their wives

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