The Benefits Of Five A Day Fruits And Vegetables / Weight Management Part 2

Exercise is great especially. I love yoga and lots of stretches. Cross training, cycling and brisk power walking are also advisable. Running is good but I prefer to alternate the speed. Yesterday, my team and I trained in-doors cos of our enviable UK weather. It was an all-day thing; so we started our day with smoothie, watched a bit of telly while talking about fashion, make-up and all, then I provided facials training for the 2 new members (Oh yes I also provide advice on how to pamper our signboard AKA our faces). For lunch, we had grilled chicken with rice and vegetables, watched a bit more telly. Later in the evening, while 3 worked out on the treadmill, cross trainer and bicycle, the others did aerobics. We concluded with stretches. It was a great time as usual because of the variety of activities.

The right quantity of food can be tricky when it is African dishes. Take pounded yam for instance, yes it is carbs ++++ but not if you eat the size of your fist. I like using the fist as a guide for measuring food size because, just saying small is debatable especially when small means something else to everyone. Most of my team members now eat either amala (unripe plantain, dried and blended into powder). This is a bit tricky to get in the UK but there are other ways to make amala. Buy unripe plantain, blend, pour in the pot and cook like you would pounded yam. Others eat oatmeal.Yes, oatmeal is another fab option to pounded yam and garri. You can blend wet or dry and make like you would make poundy or amala.

Hey, I am not asking that you stop eating poundy oh. Just saying that these other options are full of fibre, iron and they contain less carbs and yes they are just as good and smooth to swallow with your favourite soup.

And the soup, trust me we do not have to make edi soup with all that vitamin D otherwise known as palm oil. Anyway let’s leave soup for another time but meanwhile, try out the oatmeal and amala; let us know what you think. By Josephine Amaka Bardi Ihediwa. Join our forum to see what others are taking about, or please do leave a comment

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