Sex Before Marriage What Is Your Take

Sex before marriage covers a  broad ground, there has been series of debate, on why one has to wait, for any sexual intercourse until your wedding night.

Sex Before Marriage is just a common sense issue

Yes it is clearly writen in the Bible which say “do not commit fornication”, this implies no sex before wedding. It a guide to a better life and better choices we end up making.

Tell me as a 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, years old  etc, what do they need or why do they need to have sex as such young ages, if the rule of age laws was to be applied, than all this hurt, depression, heartbreak , suicidal thought, will not be an every day occurrences.

When in  a relationship, and it ends, and you never had sex with the other person, it will hurt, but not as deeply as when you have had sex, and not just the hurting part, you will keep your self respect together knowing that, you were never disvirgined when in the relationship.

Yes it is true love making not sex bring couples together, but when you are not married, and getting married is not even on your radar, and than you go have have sex, it dose not bring  people together, so please don’t be deceived, and when you are not married, you can only have sex, what you have with your partner is not  love making.

Keeping your self together why in a relation or any relationship, and not having sex, is a test of  how far or what the relationship will lead to, having sex before marriage especially if you are young, complicate things, in any relationship especially new ones, one should take time to enjoy one another, get to know one another, see places to gather, visit places, enjoy each other company, rather than jumping into bed at the first or slightest opportunity, girls if the boys are saying they can only love you more or get closer with sex, than they don’t appreciate you, the same applies to the boys if the girls are saying the only way of knowing you more or getting closer to you is by having sex, than you are not been appreciated for who you are. If sex is the only grounds for they relationship, than what is left, when the sex is over what happens to the relationship.

I know it a different story for those who are much older and in a relation, a far as it goes it also applies to those who are older, unless you never want to get married, than by all means, you can have sex before marriage.

I believe that the concept of no sex before marriage is just a guide for our selves, to save our selves from a lot of untold pains that follows, not to mention getting pregnant, what do you do,  with a pregnant when you are only starting or just beginning to enjoy your new relationship, or just getting to know that the person you are dating is really not the person you think he is, or she is.

Waiting is so much fun believe me.

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One Response to “Sex Before Marriage What Is Your Take”
  1. Adanne says:

    i am a girl of 26yrs old and am still a virgin, i have a guy i love so much. before i started my dating with him i told him no sex. he agree with it and we love each other so much but i cant give him my body becos i promise myself after wedding. this guy have a girl in the east but i dont mind. anytime he fill like veing sex, he will tell me that he ve to traveling, i will only tell him no problem that i wish him all the best. in side me am not myself but i cant stop him because i have refuse to have sex with him. now he has stop calling me but if i called him i ask him why i ve not hear from u , he will tell me he is sorry that is not intentional but i understand what he means by that. please i dont know what to do. even me i have stop calling him too. but he is still on my mind. what will i do now.

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