Meet The Stylish And Beautiful Award-winning Author Renee Matthews. An Icon’ Mum’ Wife And A Politician

Women Confidentials: Pleae tell us a little bit about myself:

I am Renee Matthews, happily married to my angel Tom and a doting mother to Jay. My happiest moments are  valuable times spent with my family and socializing. I’m a fun-loving, down to earth person, with a great sense of humour and always willing to help anyone in need. However, I loathe insincerity and I’m crazy about God.

How I pull off the image of a hard working mum, my role as a wife, a politician and a style Icon:

I owe it all to God for blessing me with a wonderful husband and son who understands and supports me in whatever I embark on. Outside of my immediate family, I also have a very strong family support unit, especially my mum (my rock who is always there to dish out words of wisdom and permanently on standby with a safety net to catch me, lest I ever fall), and of course, last but not the least, my lovely work colleagues, with Sarah my right hand girl, always making my job pleasurable.

All the love and positivity that surrounds me makes it very easy for me to juggle, but balance both family, work, business, and politics together, thereby making it all worthwhile.

Please do tell us how hard or how easy it is for you to LOOK as gorgeous as you look, do you have a stylist and a makeup artist who dress you up everyday and do your make up, or do you do it all by your self daily?

Growing up, I was fascinated by all things beautiful and fashionable. When teenage girls my age yearned for booze/cigarettes and magazines, I saved any little cash I had to buy creams, make up and clothes. My hobbies included dressing and making up my siblings, family and friends (still a passion of mine to date).
Also, having gained a degree (Combined Honours) in Beauty Therapy and Business Management from Bradford University and formerly being an Account Manager/Professional Make up Artist for Fashion Fair Cosmetics has helped and made it easy for me.
I do my own makeup everyday and have over the years experimented on different looks and now know what makeup suits me for different occasions.

With regards to my sense of style, I have a very good fashion designer (although, I create unique and challenging designs even in my sleep for her to execute), which enables me stand out in any crowd.
My hairstylist is Suzan Hair-Salon and my personal hair-gear lady, Ranti (responsible for, is readily available to accompany me to almost every function.

Personally, I deeply believe that my secret behind looking good is marrying a good man, because it determines my happiness. Looking beautiful is being happy from within. Being gorgeous to me also means being comfortable with yourself, loving the way you look, and being happy. I have a confident mystique which gives me an aura of grace, health and style. When you exercise, eat properly, and drink plenty of water, your skin radiates and glows from inside out and  the rest is easy, because whatever you put on will look good on you, even a bin bag, if you know how to work it, lol!

I am a happy, chirpy woman who loves life and want everyone around me to be happy at all times, hence my friends and family nicknamed me the Commissioner Of Enjoyment!
As an Elite Socialite & Fashionista, I’ve since figured out that the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it!


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18 Responses to “Meet The Stylish And Beautiful Award-winning Author Renee Matthews. An Icon’ Mum’ Wife And A Politician”
  1. mathta says:

    What a lovely and graceful lady, am inspired, I love the way she talked first about her family before her many achievements. Well Done Renee

  2. Renee Matthews says:

    You are a star n very much appreciated Mathta, thank you x

  3. mirabelle says:

    Your dress sense is super, your makeup is flawless, but above all you sound like a very good mum, bless u u inspire me.

  4. D Jones says:

    Wow your skin colour is just sooooooooooooooo lovely, how do you keep your colour so flawless, pls some tips

  5. AnnI says:

    I love the fact u r crazy about God, that is why u r so blessed.

  6. Renee Matthews says:

    Thanx so much Ms Mirabelle n glad to know I inspire u, which makes it all worthwhile. May God bless u x

  7. Renee Matthews says:

    I’m so overwhelmed with ur beautiful comments, thank you all. D Jones, my face has always been d most important part of my body n I treasure it so much. I’ve always followed a strict daily routine by cleansing both day n night n investing in very good moisturizers, Visible Difference by Elizabeth Arden being one of them.

  8. Renee Matthews says:

    I am indeed crazy about God n it shows, thanx Anni for pointing that out as its very important. God bless u x

  9. Renee Matthews says:

    I am indeed crazy about God n it shows, thanx Anni for pointing that out as its very important. God bless u my sista x

  10. Susie Walker says:

    3 B’S for Renee, Beauty, Brains, Blessed. I definately that god is by your side, and I hope that women confident gives you your big break.


  11. Renee Matthews says:

    Ur such a star my lovely n dearest Susie, many thanx darling.

  12. adeola says:

    she is absolutely beautiful physically and she is also beautiful in atitude

  13. Renee Matthews says:

    Thanx eva so much my lovely sista. May God bless u abundantly, amen.

  14. Tina Stanley says:

    Wow! Fantastic. My good lookin Renee, still as lovely & ever bubbly.
    May God continue to beautify yu. Yur beauty is not all about yu also been a cosmetologist, but born pritty, yur glamourous make up is just additional. Thank Q.

  15. Renee Matthews says:

    Tina Stanley, thanks very much for your wonderful comments. I appreciate you. God bless.

  16. Renee Matthews says:

    Thank you very much Adeola, may God bless you mightily, amen.

  17. Jane Damus says:

    Hmmm not sure about the skin color…. Looks like its been enhanced!!

  18. Tom Matthews says:

    My beautiful wife, I know how hard you have worked on writing your book, being a wife and mother and also doing your day job. Being your husband makes me so proud and honoured. You are a blessing from God, so beautiful, clever and loving. My life has been so full of joy since you came along and I love you with all my heart mind and soul . God bless you xxxxxx .

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