Know The Signs Of Potential Wife Beater

Bruise on a female back close upWife beaters don’t carry the cross on their forehead saying they are wife beaters, it can be difficult to tell, but there are signs to look our for.

Most wife beaters are very meticulous, they will keep to time and like you to do the same, when dating they treat you like a queen, why indirectly controlling you, they buy you clothes and ask you to wear it for, indirectly changing your dress sense, when ever you are given a gift, it is always followed by the phase wear it for me, use it for me, they choose the restaurant, they tend to do everything for you, and indirectly taking control of your life.

Gift giving, taking control and doing everything for you can be a little confusing, you see is as love and you see him as some one treating you like a queen, especially when you are feeling all loved up and having the best time and best gifts, and you are not able to pick up the first initial signs.  ( this is not to say all men who do nice things are wife beater)

As it progresses, for  wife beaters, you kind of know things are a little too tense, they get easily angered, than quickly apologize, they some times very really they do  forget them selves and try to throw a punch, and they quickly apologize saying they where going to hit the wall not you.

They start questioning you, asking all kinds of question, one minute showing you an undying love, the next showing you their raw emotion  side.

They play hot and cool, the start of the relationship they give you the feeling or impression they can’t do without you, you are much needed in their life, you are every thing to them, showing you all kinds of intense love, confusing you, and getting you deeper and deeper involved.

In some cases he is loved by everyone (because they don’t know him, he plays everyone, the only two people who are able to work him his you and his mum), and so everyone is encouraging you to get married he is  good one and you can’t get them any better than this, and this fools you even more if you had your doubt, this takes it away, you start feeling blessed, and luck, what you don’t know is that he is studying you, as soon as he knows you are his, that is when he starts little by little without you realising, making you feel worthless, making you feel grateful to have someone like him, giving this deluded mind that no can stand you but him, and if you don’t have the good sense or grace to come out now, the next stage is he will try to hit you to see you respond, if you easily forgive him and let go, he will hit you much sooner than you can imagine, and before you know it, he is proposing marriage to you, and showing you another side of him, once again you let go and accept,  and you get married, you are most likely going to get your first proper beating during your honeymoon, or shortly after.

In some other cases every one sees  sees them for who they are but you don’t, so if you have your doubt about your relationship talk to someone in position about it, you can start with your mum .  By Omo Nwabunike to be continued

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