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Your home tells loads about you, and it plays the biggest and greatest part in your well being. You don’t need to have a big house before you can call it home, the saying goes”

  • Where you lay your head,
  • Where you cook you meals
  • Where you do your laundry
  • Where you make your plans
  • Where you make babies
  • where you  live before  your big house

In order to function well, than you need to, have a stable home,  functional one, fun one and a practical one, than you can function well.

How do you rest, sleep or even plan if your home is not a home, how do get to work in clean clothes and clear head if your house was upside down.

Most of us use the word home without attaching the importance of a home to it, where do you make babies, and when they are born where do you take them to.

Your home of course, home is home regardless of the size, interior,  and location.

In order for you to do those great things you have set out to do, you have to start from you home, and a cool, fun, practical, and stable one can make those dream of yours possible.

I believe any plan in life, you must start by cleaning and making your home livable. A clear home gives a clear mind and a clear vision, direction and purpose.

Take a look  or ask around, every successful person or most successful people, all regarded their ever first home as a home, kept it clean functional and practical, from there they where able to plan, and get great vision.

You can not work in a dirt office with clutters everywhere, the same is your home you can not have a clear head if your home is in a state, and you don’t regard it as anything, because you dream of a big one, if you cannot maintain a small home, or be grateful over the little one you  have how can you maintain the big one if and when you finally secure one.

The saying goes charity begins at home.

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