GOD’s design for mankind

Kehinde Dacosta-Lawrence

Ok, I don’t like your sexual orientation because it’s not the same as mine or what I believe is GOD’s design for mankind, but it does not stop me from loving you or accepting you or even working with or around you as long as we don’t make ‘that’ a conversation or a reason for special treatment, cause I don’t make mine one…truth is the reason you are different from me is because you don’t like mine either, but why do you always want me to be more accommodating about yours as though yours is more important? Why should who you choose to live with or sleep with make you more deserving of rights? There are so many issues in the world that are yet to be dealt with, why should it matter to me what you do in your house. Like it or not, the majority of the world is straight, so your situation makes you a minority, but even within that minority, there is yet another minority that will say they were born that way and others have chosen to be that way, mea…

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