College Student’ Starting A Relationship Is It Best When You Are Older

Being in College is never easy, with all the course work, here and there, with so many deadlines to meet, social activities, friends to keep up with, shopping and even the most precious of them all which is  relaxation and sleeping.

With all this activities all lined up what time do you have to keep up with a boy. When mum told you not to have a boy, she was only tyring to protect you as well as helping  you create  sometime for your self and get your full college degree, full college satisfaction, so when you graduate you know you pass through college, and the college did not pass through you.

Yes have friendship, with the opposite sex, but not a relationship, when the time is right you see yourself moving and thinking towards it.

Why you should wait

  • As for a young college student, just starting relationship can be too time consuming, stressing, lack of sleep, lack of class attendance, poor grade, kills educative friendship.
  • Can give you heart break, which can sometimes lead to breakdown and dropout.
  • Unplanned pregnancy

Don’t give your self unnecessary problem, get the best why you are young and fit, there is a big wide world waiting for you the is time for everything.

A good time to go into a relationship is when you are in your final year, please don’t get this the wrong way, by all means it is still possible to meet and fall in love with your life partner, young carefree relationship can also be a lovely life time one.

All am  saying is  don’t pressure your self into one which may amount to any of the  reasons above  ”Why you should wait“, please once you go through college that is it,  it over, enjoy being in college,, not nursing a broken heart or  babies. By Betty nwabunike

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