Cap client healed

II got this massage from Cap and am so excited to share it

Lifted - Christians Against Poverty

Dear Omo,

When our Exeter Centre Manager, Liz Camp, rang head office hugely excited from New Wine two weeks ago, we wanted to tell you her news too.

Liz told us that Anne, who became a Christian at their church through CAP three years ago, had been healed from blindness that day!

‘Two months ago, I had a dream that God told me I was going to get healed. Then two separate people from church told me that they had had dreams that I would be healed too.

At New Wine, the speaker asked people who wanted prayer for healing for their backs to come forward. Liz asked if she could pray for me and I said, jokingly, ‘Go on then’. Liz said the same prayer as the man on the stage, except she replaced the word ‘back’ with ‘eyes’. After she prayed once, I could see some bright lights. Then she prayed again and I had some pain and warmth in my eyes – I could see matchstick people but they were funny shapes. Then we went up to the stage and I heard Liz praying for me, but I felt as though I was in God’s pr esence. It was so peaceful that I wanted to stay there forever, but when I opened my eyes I saw all these people praying for me.

When I walked back to my caravan, there were about 50 people waiting for us, all clapping. They were people from my church and they started introducing themselves to me because I’d never seen them before.’

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