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Save the Children

Join Women Confidentials  to appeal for donation for East Africa

“Millions of children are facing life-threatening hunger and thirst in Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia as drought devastates the region. We need your support to help them survive.

Lack of rain has led to scarce drinking water, failed harvests and dead livestock; families have lost income and supplies, and food prices have soared.

Parents are struggling to feed their children, and we fear many could die from malnutrition.

Help us stop this natural disaster turning into a human catastrophe.

Please donate to our East Africa Appeal

We’re already on the ground rapidly providing food, water, medicine and crucial support to families who have lost their incomes.

But 7 million people still need help and we urgently need donations to reach more families.

Two-year-old Rahow (above) lives in Kanjara village in north-east Kenya. His mother, Habiba says: “Two months ago, my son started vomiting and having diarrhoea with a fever and he was very weak. When we arrived here in this village, I was advised to take him to the Save the Children centre. He was treated, and now he’s improving.

“Before, we had about 10 or 15 goats. Now we only have five. I used to sell the goats to buy food and they provided a little milk for the children. Losing our livestock has moved us from one type of livelihood to a new kind of life. We’ve just come to this village, and you can see how we’re living here. Water is very little and scarce. The animals have also died due to the drought so we have no transport to get water.

“My son became ill because there’s no food. Since he started eating this nutritious food (referring to high-nutrient peanut paste) I have seen him gaining weight. He’s doing very well now. He’s improved. Now he has no fever, like before, and he is sleeping well, that’s why he is now okay.”

Please donate to our appeal so we can help more children like Rahow

What we are doing

  • Distributing life-saving water to areas severely affected by the drought and improving water supply and sanitation facilities in health clinics and schools
  • Providing jerry cans, water filters and water purification tablets to ensure that water is safe to drink
  • Treating malnourished children. The life-saving treatment is usually quick and simple – so far this year, we have treated over 8,000 malnourished children in our feeding centres in Somalia
  • Helping families buy nutritious food by distributing food vouchers, whilst supporting the local market to function
  • Financially supporting those who have lost their incomes through cash transfers, enabling them to buy essential items for their children.

How you can help

Please donate to our East Africa Appeal

Find out more

Read a blog on the crisis from our Kenya Country Director Prasant Naik.

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