News in brief: A young woman who when missing 27 years ago as a baby: was kidnap by a women dresses as a nurse has be found

Once again you hear stories and news that are like movies, and you begin to wonder, it just goes to show you any thing can happy if you believe in your guts feeling.

27 YEARS AGO  a baby was taken from was taken to the hospital, and that was the end of the baby three weeks old baby girl called  Carlina, she was kidnapped by a women who was pretending to be a nurse. ( Harlem Hospital in New York City on 4 August 1987)

After appealing to the world she was never found until recently, the missing baby now a teenage girl, she was always worried she looked nothing like the family, and when it was time for her to get her driving license and social security number her said mum was not able to provide those document, this begin the search of her real identity, and she when on line to search for a missing person, back in the area where she was brought up, and saw a picture of her self, and made a very bold decision to contact her biological mom, and lo and behold her investigation led her to the person she is. Join our forum and see what others are writing about, or please do leave a comment.

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