Giving to charity: making it easier to donate time and money

Giving to charity will be made easier and more convenient, under new proposals published today. For example, you’ll be able to donate money through ATMs, by mobile phone and through your work payroll. The use of government websites to promote charitable organisations will also be trialled.

New proposals to make giving to charity easier

Getting involved in your community

More about volunteering, charities and community groups and projects

The government has published the ‘Giving White Paper’. It makes a number of proposals to help and encourage people to give more of their time and money to charity.

The proposals include:

  • ATM giving: the ability to donate through cash points will be rolled-out across the country
  • a Social Action Fund to support the most promising ideas for encouraging charitable giving and volunteering in priority areas in England
  • a £30million fund to support local charity support organisations in England, which do the behind the scenes work that helps the front line groups do their work
  • financial support for Youthnet, which runs the volunteering website and which will share its data more freely with organisations – this information will also be made available on Facebook
  • a trial of ‘flexible volunteering’ – letting people choose slots to volunteers at
  • training community organisers to help and support those around them to become more active

Cash prizes (Challenge Prizes) will also be awarded to people who come up with innovative and original ways of encouraging volunteering and charitable donations.

To read the full list of proposals, follow the link below to the government’s ‘Giving White Paper’.

Using government websites to support good causes

The Charity Giving White Paper also suggested using government websites to promote and support charitable giving.

Some government websites get large volumes of traffic. As a result, these websites could make a real difference in helping people find out about, and potentially donate to, good causes.

Promoting charitable organisations will first be trialled on Directgov. For the next four weeks, two charitable organisations – The Big Give and Localgiving – will feature on a number of Directgov’s web pages.

If this trial is popular and successful on Directgov, it may be extended to other government websites.

The Big Give

The Big Give promotes the work of over 7,000 charities working all over the world, making it easier for you to find a charity you want to donate to.

You can search for a charity by sector, for example education or animals, or by location. allows you to find and give to local charities and community groups, even those too small to be registered.

You can search for a charity based on area, the causes it supports or who it helps.

Every group listed on has been vetted to make sure they are genuine.


Should government websites be used to support charitable organisations?

If you have an opinion, or you have an idea on how to make it work better, email the address below:

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