Downs Sydrome Tea Party

Many thanks to  Seye Aina the founder of Paceworking  she organised a Tea party to raise greater awareness and funds for the Down’s Syndrome Associations of Nigeria and the UK.

On 13 August 2011, high profile business men and women and other dignitaries gathered together for afternoon tea for a good cause. Seye Aina the founder of Paceworking organised a Tea party to raise awareness and funds for the Down’s Syndrome Associations of Nigeria and the UK. Mrs Rose Mordi the President of the Down’s Syndrome Association of Nigeria (DSAN) was present at the event with her family. Mr Paul Zanon the Director of the Down’s Syndrome Association UK was also in attendance.

Mrs Rose Mordi set up the DSAN in 2001to help children and adults with Down’s Syndrome in Nigeria. The work of the Association has been a success extending their work to other West African countries. In 2010 the organisation became a Foundation and in March this year received an award from Down’s Syndrome International in recognition of its work.

The Down’s Syndrome Association UK, is the only organisation in the UK focusing solely on all aspects of living successfully with Down’s syndrome. Since 1970, they have grown from being a local parent support group to a national charity with over 20,000 members, a national office in Teddington Middlesex, offices in Northern Ireland and Wales.

Mrs Rose Mordi and Mr Paul Zanon, gave keynote addresses talking about Down’s Syndrome, the challenges in Nigeria and the UK and the progress made by their Associations in recent years. Lady Verma who is a leading advocate of human rights and equality issues in the House of Lords was also present at the event. She gave an address congratulating both Associations for the good work they have done.

Tea for the event was provided by businessman Mark Dalgety, the founder of Dalgety Teas and Caribbean products. The highlight of the day was the absolutely stunning fashion showcase by Adebayo Jones Couture and Lyze Hats. At the end of the event both Designers were presented with a Paceworking Award for their contribution to the Fashion industry. Mark Dalgety whose Teas are available in top supermarkets in the UK was also presented with a Paceworking Award for his leadership in Business.

Seye Aina of Paceworking and Prince Adesida, the Minister of Information at the Nigeria High Commission rounded up the event by expressing their thanks to Mrs Rose Mordi, who was presented with the Paceworking 2011 Award for raising awareness of Down’s Syndrome in Nigeria. Paul Zanon on behalf of the Down’s Syndrome Association UK also accepted the Paceworking Award 2011 for raising awareness of Down’s Syndrome in the UK.

The generosity of those attending the Tea party event was greatly appreciated by the organiser and the Down’s Syndrome Association. In October the Down’s Syndrome Association Nigeria will be celebrating its 10 year anniversary. More events and fundraising activities are being arranged in Nigeria and will be made available on their website.

Information on Down’s Syndrome is available on the following websites:

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