ActionAid:Bill Gates Is Behind You

A classroom in collapseThe second richest man in the world justtold G20 leaders that the developing world needs tax justice. And if Bill Gates is getting behind your campaign,your government can as well.

>> Email your MP asking them to attend the parliamentary debate on the tax and transparency bill

This debate could see some of our key tax justice aims enshrined in law. The more MPs who attend, the greater our chances of success.

The tax and transparency bill will make it much easier to identify the tax dodging by multinationals that hurts ordinary people in poor countries – and in the UK.

Your actions have already made a big impact at the G20 Summit. With people voicing their support from around the world, we achieved really significant progress on tax justice (read our G20 blog for all the thrills and spills).

But the job isn’t done yet. Children like Efimabom (pictured) need you to make sure the UK parliament keeps up the momentum and takes tangible steps to close tax loopholes.

>> Take action now

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