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Dear supporter,

Over 1000 of you have already sent a text to the Department for Transport, telling them to stop the biofuels land-grab.

Now, for just £2.30, you can put your message on the side of the buses that stop outside the Department for Transport.

That will ensure that their staff can’t look out of the window without our message hitting home. And for good measure, we also want to take the ad space on the bus stop right outside their office!

They’ll be sure not to forget about the farmers driven from their land by multinational biofuels companies as your message will stop outside their window a whopping 3500 times during the remaining six weeks of the biofuels consultation.

>> Please give whatever you can

It will cost £8,057 for the buses to deliver our message to the DfT. That’s

  • £2.30 for each time a bus stops outside their office
  • £27 to have bus messages passing their office for 2 hours
  • £805 to hire the bus stop advert for the full 5 weeks

Act fast: the consultation is happening now, so the sooner you donate, the more times they’ll be reminded that ‘Biofuels are driving hunger’.

Thanks for your support,

Josie Cohen,
ActionAid biofuels campaigner

PS Here are our
designs for the adverts. Hope you like them!

PPS If you haven’t already, text the Department for Transport now

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