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There are  a numbers of different   pre-school the ones run by the Government and the  private nurseries. For most play group it usually in the morning, and are short sessions, between 2 to 3 hours section, in some areas they run different sections from morning to late afternoon, you have to be there to supervise your kid, they ofter have different activities for learning and it helps very well with their social development, this way you are also introducing them to styles and government approved ways of education.  

With any playgroups of your choice you will be helping  your child build confidence, cognitive skills, and fun filled  social training . different play group always have various toys, both indoors and outdoors,  games, singing, story-time, reading, painting, play dough, art and craft activities, with space big enough to run around

Choosing the best playgroup for your toddler


Like everything in life it is very important  to make the right choice when choosing your little ones play group, most play groups start between the ages of  32 months, why so others from 3 years old, a few other are registered to have kids from 24 months old.

Ways you can use to make the right decision, by reference from other parents, by arrangement, which means you  arrange  to see them during a session,  the ones that are good will   welcome a visit  and even invite your little one to join in their  session. seeing them in progress may help you  decide, whether you like it or not , and if your little ones will enjoy their stay in pre school environment

If it helps you can visit other groups to give you a better option to choose from.

Remember to ask or find out, the Department for Children, Schools and Families produces a free booklet entitled ‘0-5 Years: The Essential Guide to Early Learning and Childcare for You and Your Family’ it gives the most up-to-date info on childcare and early learning to help you make an informed choice. for a copy you can order now  order a copy online or call 0845 600 9506.

Fore more tips on looking at childcare, visit the parent information section of Daycare Trust’s website.

  preschools for our kids


What is the  cost?

Fees the fees varies from one end to the other, from one borough to the other, and  hugely across the UK, however it all dependent on the  school, the age of your child, as well as the   number of hours they swill be  attending. Typical costs are between £5 and £10 for a 2-3 hour session and some groups may offer extended care at an additional cost, others are free, why other you just use your initiative to contribute any thing, from money to fruit, to kids toys.

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

All registered early years providers, both private and state sector, playgroups and preschools  have to follow a structure of learning, development and care called the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). And it applies nationally, including Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It ensures the following: that children learn through play; early years providers work closely with parents and keep them up-to-date on their child’s progress; the welfare and all-round development of children with different backgrounds and levels of ability (including those with special needs or disabilities).

Ofsted reports

Every  playgroups are required to be registered with Ofsted which implies  they must be inspected every year and  it states in their regulations that at least 50% of the staff are required to be formally trained. Ofsted reports are also a good  and useful ways of  finding out more about what the playgroup offers, this information gives you more detailed reports on everything from the quality of care and education to the cleanliness of the building and opportunities for play. 

Here are some links across the UK

Find ofsted reports for your local preschools and playgroups by entering your postcode here Northern Ireland
Find Deni reports for your local preschools and playgroups by entering your postcode hereScotland
Find HMIe reports for your local preschools and playgroups by entering your postcode hereWales
Find Estyn reports for your local preschools and playgroups by entering your postcode here

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