Every Borough has a library, they have for both toddlers and school age kids, so you can register your kids In the local library, that way you are encouraging them as well as giving a good habit of reading,  going to the library gives them access to a large  selection of books, a s well as table and computer  games, DVDs, audio stories and videos.   below we have listing please do add your, and also help us with the  listing of your locals and information Toy Libraries

Local  libraries  now do their best to encourage toddlers  older kids, by creating and organising  special activities for children, from fun book reading section, to brick or Lego building, to   story times and other fun sessions, they also have art and craft, and sometimes they  meet  authors of children books. 
Library also organise reading and essay competitions,  this motivates the kids even more knowing that they met other kids and they want to perform well to will any prize given, it is a great way to motivate kids to read.

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