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This is just to say thank you to all mums all over, We at Women Confidentials don’t  think words can express how wonderful all mums are and what a blessing it is to be a mum and to be called a mum. The joy that comes with it is just overwhelming , but above all it is a big thank you from everyone in Women Confidentials to all our fabulous mums, we pray that is continues to be well for all you, and you continue to do your best, and give you best as a mum, we also pray you will continue to be appreciated, all over, you are the best of the best, never give up in all thing you are doing or trying to achieve, your strength is what the word needs to be a better place. Join Our Yummy Mum Forum

If there was no mums, than there is no word, you are all very special and created  in different  wonderful ways, mums you make the word go round, we will continue to thank all mums for their sleepless night, for their scarifies, and for their  zealousness in giving the very best to their kids.  All mum are super, there is no mum who is not super or special, one thing that can also  be guarantee is that there is no mum who is not doing their best, so please mums keep doing your best, and we pray your best will be rewarded in every ways possible.

Being a mum is a life long journey one only mums can understand, being a mum, mean you have something every day to look forward to,  being a mum means you have someone at all time to

  • to love
  • to think of,
  • to pray for,
  • to be happy for,
  • to be proud of ,
  • to talk to
  • to laugh with
  • to play with
  • to help
  • to be wishful for
  • to be with
  • to see
  • to visit
  • to miss

if you are reading this and you are a mum, or you know some one who is a mum, why not take your time and fill in the form below to put in the name of a mum or your name for a chance to be treated specially by WCS, please do feel free to send in your pictures, that of friends and family who are mums, tell us why you are sending it so we can put up a note for them, and it will also help us to select our winner for our MUMMY AWARDS, 

It is free it open to all countries all over the world

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