Fighting With Your Mother In Law

You believe you have tried everything to make her love you, but she can not bring her self to like you, in some cases it only natural, you took her baby from her, and she is jealous, and so are you, you are  sometimes jealous  without realising you are,  you see the way he treats his mum,  you sometime feels he loves her more than you, and you take it out on her.

In most cases, fighting ( not physical fight) with your mother in law is one of those things, but you need to work extra hard if you have a difficult and stubborn mother inlaw, remember you can not be stubborn to your mother in law if you say you love your partner or husband, after all without your mother inlaw, there will be no partner or husband.

Believe this when you do your very best and she sees it, knowing you are tring very hard to  work things out with her, and you finally get there,you see your   motherinlaw  will  becomes your best friend, but the question is how do you work things out with her, first she is your mother inlaw therefore she  is always almost likely to be  older you most times, therefore it is morally right to respect them, meaning don’t do the following to her

  • Don’t talk back to her
  • Don’t be rude
  • Show her love and respect
  • Listen to her
  • Explain things to her if need be
  • Always apologise regardless
  • Don’t report her to her son
  • Don’t make her son take sides
  • Be patient with her
  • Give her confidence that her son is still hers
  • Make time for her

In time you see it will all fall into place, both of you becoming friend, sometimes make be not the best of friends, but accommodating one. Unless you don’t love your husband or you just love frighting than don’t worry about making the effort, but if you love your family and the problem with your mother-in-Law is going  out of control, than you should do the following or do something about it.

Remember also you will one day be a mother-in-law your self, and you will love your future daughter-in-law to be all of the above, if that is the case, than you have to start the trend in your family so that every one follows, even your daughter will learn from you on how important it is to be friends with mother-in=laws.

It create peace in family.

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2 Responses to “Fighting With Your Mother In Law”
  1. shans says:

    This is a bunch of BULL SH*T!!! No woman marries a man for his mother’s approval or love. The MIL should have nothing to do with the married couple relationship. I am married and I could not care any less whether or not my In-laws like me. F*Ck them! Your husband should be your best friend. As long as my husband loves me that’s all that matters. As a wife you vow to deal with and put up with your husband and his mess, not his family’s mess.

    The MIL should be the one following the advise listed above because the DIL has power influence and power than she does and they truly are non-factors in their sons and daughters marriages.

    P.S. And if the man is truly and loving in love with his wife he will abandon everyone for her.

  2. Cath says:

    It is not the job of the mother in law to pick the spouse, as it is not the spouses to be picked on by someone who is supposed to love their child and therefore, the one he loves. HE call us to love one another as he loved us. It’s hard to love people who are mean and some meangirls are mean women. This advice suggests a wife should take crap. It’s total B.S. “Don’t make her son take sides.” There should only be one side, the side of those acting in love. If he has to take a side, mom-in-law probably isn’t behaving if you don’t mistreat her son. She should never ask her son to choose and if she does, she’s not treating her son like a man. If he has become one, there is only one choice – my wife. If he’s not capable; he should live with her and be supported by her and she should feel the shame of not raising her kids to grow.

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