Dealing With Teens Issues

As a parent we always pray to get our parenting right the first time, we all want the best for our kids, but how do we extend our parenting love and care to that of friendship of love and care how do we become a parent as well as a friend, how do we hold the boundary   of parenting  and friendship between our kids, how  do we make them understand, it not always easy, but the key is to start really early, never leave anything to chance or when the time is right or they are too young, inf act the younger they are the better,  you begin not just a mum, but as a friend with a good listening ears.

We can be a good listeners, a good friend, without under rating our parenting skills.

We can only truly achieve this if we show  parenting love and care when needed and  also putting aside our parenting love and care and putting up our friendship of love and care when needed .

It is very possible to be both a mum and a friend, it is very possible to be the very strict mum, and at the same time be very understanding and sympathetic friend, that why we can work hand in hand with them, if you make it a rule of being both a parent with your kids as well as  a good friend, one who jokes with them, one who chats,  one or two gossip with them, one who shares one or two dress sense with them, one who goes  shopping with them and letting them chose their style without your interference.

Than we can become that friend they will run to in times of problems, we will be that friend who they will always share things with, we will be that friend who they will trust to give them the best advise, we can become that friend  as well as that mum who they will always include in all aspect of their life.

Instead of  running first to their friends they will run first to you.

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  1. found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

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